Insightly API

Insightly’s web API enables developers to integrate CRM functionality into virtually any system or application. Our REST based API, now in its third generation, is comprehensive, easy to work with, and ships with client SDKs for nearly all major programming languages. Whether you’re looking to incorporate CRM into an Android app, or automatically syncing data with other systems, our API makes this easy to do.

Example Applications

With the Insightly API, you can incorporate CRM into any system or application. Examples of the types of integrations customers have built with the API include:

  • Custom Reporting: Need customized reports with charts and graphs that go beyond what comes with Insightly? Use the API to export data into your reporting service to generate whatever charts and graphs you need.
  • Smart Lead Capture: Automatically capture leads from your website and intelligently import them into Insightly, assign follow up tasks to employees, and more.
  • Sync: automatically Sync Insightly leads, contacts, etc with your accounting system, job tracking system, and whatever tools you use.
  • Workflow Automation: Automatically trigger actions in Insightly when something happens elsewhere in your system.
  • And more…

Supported Languages

The Insightly REST API is easy to work with, as it follows standard REST + JSON conventions, and also comes with a web-based sandbox for exploring the API. We also provide client side libraries for Java, .Net and Python. In addition, the latest version of the API also supports Swagger, which can auto-generate SDKs for virtually any other programming language.

The SDKs are available at

What’s New In Version 2.2 (BETA)

Version 2.2 of the Insightly web API offers a number of performance improvements (especially for customers with large amounts of data hosted at Insightly), increased ease of use and better documentation. Among the enhancements to the API:

  • Full support for pagination, GET requests return 100 records per response. You can page through results using the top and skip OData parameters.
  • Support for incremental updates to existing Insightly objects. Easily add/update an address to a contact without needing to resend the entire object graph.
  • Support for simple queries and filtering using optional query string parameters in search requests.
  • Improved server response times.
  • Support for more features found in the web app, such as following/unfollowing Insightly objects, new custom field types, activity sets, etc.
  • Improved documentation and error messages.

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