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Australian firm delivers a "Hands Free" approach to property management

We experienced instant time to value by switching to Insightly.

Insightly makes it easier for Airbnb Handsfree to deliver a five-star experience to clients.

Airbnb Handsfree is a full-service property management firm based in Melbourne, Australia. The company helps clients maximize income and ensure customer satisfaction by overseeing guest communication, maintenance, housekeeping, key exchanges, marketing, listing setup and optimization, and much more. For properties requiring renovation and staging, the company’s home furnishing division is a great option.

With growing demand for its services, Airbnb Handsfree needed a better way to organize client records and sales opportunities. “Our legacy CRM made it difficult to track conversations and files,” said Ben Korman, Director at Airbnb Handsfree. “In addition, we had to use an entirely separate system just to track our pipeline.”

Centralized pipelines

By centralizing everything under one roof, Airbnb Handsfree has freed up new capacity in the sales process. “We have more than a dozen pipelines,” Korman said. “Insightly makes it easy to track different types of deals, prioritize callbacks, categorize opportunities, and create accountability.” The company also relies on Insightly pipelines for tracking post-sale activities.

Insightly workflows contribute to the efficiency by automating the delegation of tasks and events. “We don’t let things slip through the cracks anymore, thanks to Insightly pipelines and workflows,” Korman said.

360-degree view of each relationship

Insightly has simplified the company’s approach to client information management. “Before Insightly, client information was everywhere,” Korman said. “Insightly has brought it all together and empowered our team to become even more responsive.”

Custom fields serve a particularly important role. “Clients expect us to know everything about their properties,” Korman said. “Insightly helps us track every last detail, such as where the hair dryer is located, when the trash bins should be taken out, and how high the car park is.” Custom fields let Airbnb Handsfree tailor Insightly to its exact needs, resulting in a one-stop source of information about each client and property.

Integrated efficiency

Insightly’s out-of-the-box integrations have also proved useful for Airbnb Handsfree. “We like that Insightly integrates with our other systems, such as Slack, Dropbox, and PandaDoc,” Korman said.

The Insightly Sidebar for Gmail captures key correspondence with minimal effort. “Insightly’s Gmail integration has become a very important tool for our business,” Korman said. “Account and sales team members can stay focused on adding value instead of keying in information.”

Scalability for the future

Most notably, Airbnb Handsfree is setting the stage for future growth with Insightly. “Insightly is an extremely powerful and adaptable CRM, and it takes the pain out of managing day-to-day operations,” Korman said. “Our company is more scalable with Insightly, which has a direct effect on customer satisfaction and business development.”

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Airbnb Handsfree needed a CRM that could streamline the sales process and deliver a 360-degree view of each customer relationship.


Leveraging Insightly’s workflow automation feature and Gmail, Slack, Dropbox, and PandaDoc integrations resulted in greater efficiency and productivity.


With Insightly, Airbnb Handsfree is better equipped to serve its clients, leading to a more scalable business model.