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Crowdsourcing platform harnesses 98K+ heroes to solve business and social challenges

We’re in the innovation business, and we believe Insightly is an innovative CRM. Insightly manages our entire customer journey.

Insightly simplifies lead and client relationship management for HeroX.

HeroX was launched in 2013 with the mission of democratizing the power of incentive challenges. Each day, the world’s most recognizable brands tap into HeroX’s crowdsourcing community of 98,000+ “heros,” aiming to solve complex business and societal issues.

Because innovation is at the heart of what HeroX does, the company knew its legacy CRM was inhibiting growth. “We were using Salesforce CRM prior to Insightly,” said Yaniv Snir, Director of Possibilities at HeroX. “Salesforce is robust, but it was more than we needed. We wanted a CRM that was both nimble and easily customizable.”

Tailored towards unique sales and marketing tasks

With simplicity and agility in mind, the HeroX team began evaluating software vendors. Insightly came out on top, thanks to its intuitive user interface, flexible settings, and pipeline structure.

“Insightly fits nicely with our unique sales and marketing needs,” said Jodie Wozniak, Possibilities Coordinator at HeroX. “With Insightly, we’re able to organize leads into separate pipelines that fit our business.” Integrated task management is another benefit of using Insightly. “Tasks create accountability in our sales process,” Wozniak said.

“We leverage activity sets and workflow rules to automate the task assignment process.” HeroX also benefits from Insightly’s Gmail and Google Drive integrations, creating transparency into client conversations and related documents.

Innovating the customer journey

As prospects evolve into clients, HeroX converts the opportunity record into an Insightly project. The newly created project offers a 360-degree view of each customer’s journey, facilitating a smoother handoff to the onboarding team. Conversion also routes an invoice request to the company’s financial department, ensuring customers are billed in a timely fashion.

Across the board, Insightly makes innovation easier for HeroX. “I spend most of my day in Insightly,” Snir said. “Whether I’m at my desk or on the go, I have the tools to stay organized, engage prospects, and deliver on promises.”

Insightly has even delivered much-needed visibility into the sales process itself. “From an administrator’s standpoint, Insightly is especially useful for reporting and analytics,” Wozniak said. “With Insightly dashboards, we monitor a variety of key metrics, such as lead volume, sales cycle, and task count.”

At Insightly, we’re proud to help HeroX deliver on its mission of fueling innovation.

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The company needed an easier way to track its sales and project pipelines.


Insightly helps HeroX innovate faster by organizing the company’s contact records, leads, pipelines, and business intelligence into an intuitive, accessible information hub.


HeroX is converting more leads to clients, which has translated into expedited innovation and enhanced revenue.

Yaniv Snir Director