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Healthcare startup helps nurse practitioners graduate on time

We wouldn’t be where we’re at today without Insightly. It empowers us to engage more students and scale our operations.

Insightly makes it easier for NP Hub to make clinical rotation placements for nurse practitioner students.

NP Hub was founded in 2015 and streamlines the clinical rotation placement process for nurse practitioner students. Since its founding, the company has helped students gain more than 115,000 hours of real-world experience in the areas of primary care, mental health, women’s health, pediatrics, geriatrics, and many other specialized fields.

With hundreds of new students turning to NP Hub for help annually, the company needed a more structured approach to managing relationships. “Each student goes through a seven-step pipeline that requires ongoing collaboration by several of our team members,” said Krish Chopra, Founder of NP Hub. “Prior to Insightly, we tracked everything in spreadsheets, which made it difficult to manage the organization.”

Student engagement

When nurse practitioner students request information from NP Hub’s website, their information is automatically sent to Insightly. “Insightly web-to-lead forms create lead records for us,” Chopra said. Lead records are then routed to the sales team for follow-up. “Once there’s a fit, we convert the lead into an opportunity record,” Chopra said.

The Insightly Sidebar for Gmail reduces administrative work by simplifying the collection of conversations and contacts, thereby freeing up more time for student engagement.

Pipeline automation

Workflow automation is a key component for keeping the pipeline organized. “As an opportunity advances from one pipeline stage to the next, Insightly sends out notifications to internal stakeholders,” Chopra said. “Insightly makes us more productive, keeps everyone informed, and eliminates the need to manually sift through records.”

Tasks and reminders create an additional layer of accountability. “We’re a global company with team members spread across several countries and time zones,” Chopra said. “Insightly tasks and reminders prevent things from falling through the cracks.”

Integrations increase efficiency

To create a 360-degree view of student billing activity, NP Hub relies on Insightly’s integration with the Xero invoicing and accounting platform. For added efficiency, the company is exploring integrations with Slack, MailChimp, and other third-party systems.

High-level visibility

Insightly has become an invaluable tool for NP Hub, especially when it comes to seeing the bigger picture. “Kanban views let us monitor productivity and forecast pipeline revenue,” Chopra said. “We use the data in Insightly to make smarter business decisions, engage more students, and continuously grow our business.”

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NP Hub needed a CRM that simplified every aspect of the process, from lead tracking through successful placement and preceptor evaluation.


Insightly is an all-in-one CRM that centralizes contact management, pipeline tracking, and workforce accountability.


With Insightly, NP Hub enjoys greater scalability, which enables them to serve more students and accelerate revenue growth.

Krish Chopra Founder