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Education firm challenges students to think globally

Insightly has made a positive impact on revenue growth and employee productivity.

Insightly makes it easier for The Red Pen to collect, share, and act on key business intelligence.

The Red Pen is an education consulting firm that advises applicants who seek to study abroad at the school, university or postgraduate levels. The company also assists high schools in developing student-focused, scalable university counselling infrastructures. Based in Mumbai, India, The Red Pen has mentored and advised more than 2,400 applicants since its founding in 2011.

With an increasing number of clients from around the world seeking The Red Pen’s expertise, the company needed a better relationship management system. “Prior to Insightly, we tracked most everything in spreadsheets,” said Namita Mehta, Partner, at The Red Pen. “We had a lot of data, but we didn’t have an efficient way to organize it.”

Sales pipeline management

The Red Pen has used Insightly to automate many aspects of the sales funnel, starting with capturing leads. “Our integrated web forms automatically create new lead records in Insightly,” Mehta said. “This allows for an efficient and speedy follow-up process with prospective clients.” For adding leads while on the go, team members rely on the Insightly mobile app and Insightly Sidebar for Gmail.

Once a lead has been qualified, the record is converted to a contact and opportunity record. “Our pre-sales process is broken down into phases, such as calling, information sharing via emails, assessing client needs, and setting up consultation meetings,” Mehta said. “Insightly’s Kanban pipeline view is particularly useful for keeping the sales team on track and management in the loop.”

Opportunities that are won are converted into projects, preserving a full account of prior interactions with the client. “Notes and emails stay intact throughout the entire customer journey. This makes it easier for different consultants to access information about each client; which is particularly useful as we employ a collaborative team approach to service our clients ,” Mehta said.

Visibility through reporting

Insightly reports provide much-needed visibility into key aspects of the sales pipeline. “We use reports to analyze our progress,” Mehta explains. “Lead and opportunity volume, referral source, conversion data, volume growth, and revenue trends are just a few of the things we monitor.”

The company also uses Insightly to report on service delivery. “We provide several services, which are tracked as Insightly projects,” Mehta said. “Project reports help us determine which services are most popular and profitable. This allows The Red Pen to make more data-driven decisions, which is crucial to our growth.”

Company-wide efficiency

Sales and operations aren’t the only departments benefitting from Insightly. “Contact tags allow our marketing team to create highly segmented lists,” Mehta said. “With Insightly’s MailChimp integration, we’re able to target our messaging and engage existing and former customers more effectively.”

Even the human resources department is getting in on the action, utilizing Insightly to track employee information and related files.

“We use Insightly for everything, and we have processes that are specific to each department,” Mehta said. “Insightly makes life so much easier for everyone. In fact, I start my day by logging on to the Insightly app for my daily business activities.”

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The Red Pen needed a CRM system that could streamline its data collection, management, and reporting processes.


Insightly has become an organization-wide information hub, providing a one-stop solution for sales, marketing, operations, and even human resources.


With Insightly, The Red Pen enjoys greater transparency, better data quality, more efficient employees, and increased revenue.

Namita Mehta Partner