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Research firm offers innovative approach to data collection & analysis

Insightly is the core of our business. It’s where all of our commercial information, connections, and networking data lives.

Insightly makes it easier for VIGA to build long-lasting, data-driven client relationships across many industries.

VIGA was founded in 2016 and has rapidly become one of the fastest growing businesses in the research industry. With a global audience that includes 100 million consumers in 95 countries, VIGA is the go-to source of data for media companies, consulting firms, brands, M&A firms, and many other organizations. VIGA is part of MIG Global Limited, a London-based group of companies that is focused on delivering actionable insights to clients.

As VIGA transitioned into a well-established, midsize organization, the company needed a more scalable approach to sales and relationship management. “Once we exceeded 700 transactions per month, we knew that we needed a more reliable CRM system and process,” said Lewis Reeves, Founder and CEO of VIGA. “Reporting on internal data and running effective marketing campaigns was nearly impossible with our previous database.”

Cleaner data, meaningful insights

Managing the company’s leads, prospects, and clients in Insightly reduces confusion and provides meaningful insights. “Insightly is a huge step forward from a data integrity standpoint,” Reeves said. “Insightly organizes everything in a consistent manner, which increases our awareness of client performance and makes us more proactive in account management.”

Easy-to-use relationship management features overcome traditional causes of data integrity issues. “Account teams log all of their activity directly into Insightly, providing a 360-degree view of each relationship,” Reeves said. “Meetings, conversations, and emails are stored securely in Insightly.” Insightly’s Sidebar for Outlook simplifies the collection of important records, freeing up additional time for outreach and engagement.

Insightly also reduces VIGA’s exposure to data loss. “Everything is stored in Insightly instead of being scattered across various users’ inboxes and devices,” Reeves said.

Real-time KPI tracking

Dashboards and custom reports enable real-time monitoring of key business metrics. “Insightly delivers an up-to-the-second summary of the company’s performance,” Reeves said. “Dashboards present our revenue data and other KPIs in an engaging and easily digestible format.”

Budgeting and forecasting are also easier with Insightly. “We spend a lot of time in Insightly during the fourth quarter,” Reeves said. “Insightly makes it easy to export data for further in-depth analysis.”

Integrated efficiency

Insightly’s out-of-the box integrations and open API provide additional efficiency. “By utilizing Insightly’s integrations, we’re able to maximize the benefit of the information that resides in the system,” Reeves said.

Connecting Insightly to VIGA’s billing and invoicing technology delivers real-time revenue analytics for the management team. Integration with an industry-specific research platform boosts productivity through automation. A recently deployed HubSpot integration offers a myriad of marketing opportunities for the company. And, Insightly’s social media discovery feature saves hours of manual effort by automatically identifying customer and prospect LinkedIn profiles.

“We’ve integrated Insightly to many of our business systems and processes, and we’ll continue to do so in the future,” Reeves said.

Perfect for high-growth companies

Alignment in organizational philosophy is a key aspect of VIGA’s ongoing relationship with Insightly. “We considered some of the most well-known CRMs on the market, but we felt that Insightly was best suited to evolve with our needs,” Reeves said. “Insightly takes the time to understand its clients and doesn’t just consider us a source of recurring revenue.”

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VIGA needed a centralized repository of customer information that could accelerate sales, increase transparency, and improve operational efficiency.


Flexible integrations paired with an intuitive reporting interface makes Insightly the right fit for VIGA.


With everything stored securely in Insightly, VIGA’s users enjoy a more complete understanding of each client and lead, resulting in better relationships and healthier cash flow.

Lewis Reeves Founder & CEO