Accounting CRM

More than 7,000 accounting CRM users globally

An accounting CRM can help your firm generate new business and strengthen client loyalty. While word of mouth and referrals are great sources for new client acquisition, Insightly’s CRM goes beyond traditional marketing methods by tracking leads gained through social media. Reach a deeper level of client engagement by organizing all interactions- emails, phone calls, appointments and social media profiles- in a centralized database. A CRM for accounting is just one way to deliver more advisory value.

Genuine lead generation

Identify key client influencers and uncover direct relationships between existing customer contacts and organizations. Using Insightly’s relationship linking feature, leverage real-time customer insights to intelligently acquire new business.

Proactive marketing tools

Need to alert clients to tax impacts based on ever changing state or national laws? Communicate news, new service offerings and cross sell to clients through targeted MailChimp emails.

Integration with popular accounting apps

Generate invoices and get a window into client payment information when you integrate the Insightly CRM with QuickBooks Online and Xero apps. Pair client records with account and expense history. All without leaving your practice management customer contact database.