On-the-go Team Embraces Web-Based CRM

Company overview

Acumen Learning is the leader in customized business acumen training. Based on its best-selling book, “Seeing the Big Picture,” the company’s training solutions have been implemented at some of the world’s most respected and profitable companies,including 17 of the Fortune 50. Whether it’s a live training session or a keynote address, participants learn to use their business acumen to uncover and create opportunities, prioritize problems, think creatively about solutions, and make faster decisions that drive measurable results.

Workflow challenge

Acumen Learning’s staff is often on the road conducting trainings and supporting customers. These employees need easy, quick access to prospect information from anywhere and at anytime. However, they clearly felt they couldn’t get that from thetraditional customer relationship management solution the company had deployed. Even after the CRM provider trained the Acumen Learning team on the system, only one person used it. With CRM adoption rates so low within the company, Acumen Learning’s managers sought a better way to get employees the information they needed to track opportunities, access customer histories, and manage projects.

Insightly solution

In the spring of 2010, Acumen Learning rolled out Insightly to its previously CRMaverse staff. Employees took to Insightly quickly, and today, the solution is at the core of most of the company’s internal processes. Acumen Learning sees those processes as one of its key competitive differentiators; if it designs its business practices well, the company is more efficient and financially viable. Most of the company’s tasks are now built with Insightly features, and one of the first questions managers ask when they implement something new is, “How can Insightly support this activity?” Throughout the organization, employees leverage Insightly daily to manage leads, collaborate on projects, and stay on top in their market.


Before Acumen Learning found Insightly, the company was paying thousands of dollars for one employee to use a traditional CRM tool that didn’t fit the needs of the business. Acumen Learning has saved more than $10,000 in licensing fees since its switch to Insightly, since the small business can take advantage of Insightly’s modern freemium model and pricing structure, which charges based on usage.

Employees can easily access Insightly on the road, and they are eager to do so, since they see immediate benefits. As Insightly rolls out new features, Acumen Learning’s staff adopts them quickly. For example, the company now manages tradeshow leads through Insightly’s organization feature to link to every attendee and track new prospects to determine the return on events.

If you believe that the most powerful CRM is the one that your users will actually use, then Insightly is your next CRM. It’s the most effective CRM available for small businesses, and your users will love using it.