Consulting CRM

Over 38,000 consultants have adopted Insightly's CRM

The consulting field grows increasingly crowded as more and more professionals spin off their own companies to market analysis and value-added services based on decades of industry expertise.  Chances are you and your competitors are contract bidding for the same customers. From customer relationship linking charts to easy invoice production to a mobile app, Insightly’s CRM for consulting balances your own consulting business goals and your current client needs. So, you can discover opportunities for attracting new business while delivering strategy on deadline.

Grow your client customer base & measure acquisition ROI

Data mine your current client database to uncover relationships and key influencers between customers, prospective companies and current projects. Then, create opportunities to define the value of the new business, set decision funnel stages, probability of winning SOWs, and forecast close contract dates.

Save time on daily administrative tasks

Think of Insightly’s workflow automation project management feature as your executive assistant without the salary overhead. Eliminate manual data entry and chore-like tasks such as client lead follow-up, writing emails, team notifications and more.  Simply set up repeatable activities within your business processes once and a project management robot does the rest.

Make billable hours invoicing a breeze

Your time is money.  Insightly’s CRM integration with Quickbooks Online and Xero means you can generate clients invoices directly without ever leaving your customer contact database.  Keep track of travel/lodging expenses, services rendered, who owes what, overdue payments and more.

Get mileage out of our mobile CRM app

Red-eyes. Medallion points. Upgrade waiting lists. Travel is a big part of your job and you need a mobile CRM app that goes where you are- whether you’re stuck in an airport terminal or a conference keynote speaker session. Our mobile CRM app automatically syncs of all your client information in a central location- Gmail emails, G Suite documents, spreadsheets and decks. And our business card scanning and audio note features transform offline introductions and post-meeting thoughts into valuable online data.