CRM for Construction

14,604 general contractors and builders use the Insightly CRM

The residential and commercial construction industry is interdependent on managing complex relationships between design-build entities, public-private partnerships, surveyors, bankers and more. Whether you’re a general contractor, owner-builder, real estate developer, construction manager, architect or engineer, you deserve a multi-purpose CRM for construction to keep track of customer & industry contacts and facilitate project delivery. 


Manage Customer & Industry Contacts

Architects. Owners. Engineers. Planning consultants. Subcontractors. To stay competitive during bid estimation and sales process, you need the construction project big picture of all players associated with specific contracts. Insightly offers a scalable, central contact management solution to track your prospective and current customers as well as the companies related to them. With over 40 free app integrations, you can associate Gmail correspondence, link documents, contracts, and Quickbooks accounting invoices , to anyone in your database.

Track Estimation Progress & Project Pipelines

Our project delivery & workflow automation features make it easy to track where an estimation is within the bid process. Get visibility anytime on potential contract values, the number of projects your company is currently bidding on, sales stages, and alerts of upcoming activities. Increase your chances of winning bids when you have a birds-eye dashboard view to track parallel bids in progress. 

24/7 Customer Information & Insight on the Road

In the construction industry, you don’t have the luxury to always be in the office.  Onsite presence and on-the-road mobility is critical to building project success. Insightly’s mobile CRM app gives construction professionals up-to-date customer database details over Wi-Fi. In a remote, zero bar reception location? Use the view/search app mode when you’re offline.