Writing Business Offloads Administrative Tasks, Frees up Energy for Creativity with Insightly

Company overview

Firefly Creative Writing is a small-but-mighty home-based business based in Toronto. Its mission is to help people find and deepen their creative writing voices. Its staff of four organizes and delivers writing workshops, writing coaching, online classes and retreats.

Workflow challenge

At the start of 2014, Firefly Creative Writing Founder Chris Kay Fraser brought on an assistant to foster communications with clients and wrangle the many details associated with her complicated small business. Only when she sat down with a newcomer to explain her ongoing operations did she realize how complex they were. Quickly, they started looking for a CRM program to keep them organized.

Insightly solution

Originally, Fraser looked at CRM solutions designed for large companies, but she quickly determined that those options weren’t right for Firefly Creative Writing. She learned about Insightly through an ad, and deployed it in early 2014. The team quickly began using Insightly to keep itself organized, especially with Insightly activity sets, including delegated tasks, recurring tasks, email reminders, and using the link function to connect tasks to projects. With activity sets set up for all of the major types of projects, Fraser found she could relax and trust that nothing would get left unfinished, as well as easily delegating tasks to her assistant. “I can’t even imagine running my business without Insightly activity sets,” says Fraser. “The number of details I was keeping in my brain is crazy. I have no idea how I did it.”

Having quickly mastered Insightly for project management, Firefly Creative Writing is now beginning to use the solution to create client profiles of its one-on-one clients to track important emails and record notes on each client’s progress. Fraser has also extended the use of Insightly to her small team of writing coaches, so that they can keep in touch with each other about their clients and their questions.


Fraser runs a creative business, but the more it grew, the less time she found to foster that creativity. By using Insightly, Fraser and her staff can download all of those chaotic details into an organized system and spend more time approaching their clients creatively and engaging with their own creative work. “I’m a more effective writing coach now that I also have time to write,” laughs Fraser. By reintroducing ease into Firefly Creative Writing’s workflow, Insightly brought the confidence and spaciousness that was lacking, allowing Fraser and the other staff to work better without fearing that important details will get dropped.

I can’t even imagine running my business without Insightly activity sets. Insightly lets me relax. I know that there’s structure we can rely on and nothing will get lost. Insightly has significantly changed how we work.