Insightly Helps Elevate Level of Customer Service

Company overview

College Chefs employs classically, professionally trained chefs to cook for fraternities and sororities. There’s a supervising staff of 10-15 people that manage about 100 chefs around the country.

Workflow challenge

In the spring of 2013, Dave Tarrant, GM Business Operations, College Chefs, was using Google Apps to track customers. “It got the job done, but it didn’t offer much flexibility,” says Dave. So he decided to search for a customer relationship management application that worked with Google Apps. After learning that Insightly was one of the top rated applications on the Google Apps Marketplace, and reviewing the case studies on the Insightly site, Dave decided to try Insightly, and by August, 2013 he had deployed Insightly across his company.

Insightly solution

Primarily, College Chefs uses Insightly’s project management features so that it can track customer information in real time. College Chefs is serving 75 customers around country – each fraternity/sorority is similar to how a restaurant operates. Each one might have 100 people eating for each lunch and each dinner. When you drill down, it’s a fairly big operation with a lot of moving pieces. “With Insightly, all information is tracked and updated in real time online. We can easily track our customers and have a history of all interactions with our customers.” For example, last year, College Chefs had a ‘mom’s day’ for a sorority (and the members loved it!). The event feedback included requests for a different type of soup. This year, College Chefs can suggest a different soup and collect preferences before the event. “Having a history in Insightly helps elevate our level of customer service,” says Dave. Sorority and fraternity contacts change on a regular basis and it’s difficult to track the fluidity. With Insightly, a user can update the contact in the web application and when the College Chefs representatives are on the road they use the mobile app to make sure they have the right onsite contact. “At this point we have a small sales force that might start to use Insightly. It’s very simple to use – not overly complicated – so our sales team can learn it rapidly. Our ‘office’ is in each kitchen we work with across the country, and Insightly provides a central location for our diverse sales team to come together”.


College Chefs have tripled the size of their company each year for the last three years. Insightly helps to facilitate and maintain that growth because it allows College Chefs to provide superior customer service and cater to the desires of the sororities and fraternities. “For example, we have one fraternity that loves blue Powerade. Once that type of preference is saved in Insightly we can always deliver the favorite products to the appropriate location – this makes us look like heroes to our customers. Insightly is well worth the money we pay for it!”

Having a history in Insightly helps elevate our level of customer service.