Insightly Helps Pied A Terre Adventures Maintain Customer Relationships Everywhere They Travel

Company overview

Pied A Terre Adventures, Ltd. offers personalized walking and outdoor experiences throughout the U.K. It caters to both corporate and consumer clients and offers a variety of educational programs through its Skills Academy.

Workflow challenge

Richard Betts, founder of Pied A Terre Adventures, developed the company as a tribute to his two greatest passions: business management and outdoor activity. He hired a team whose passion, knowledge, and technical skills would ultimately create a 5-star outdoor experience for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) customers. For corporate customers, these experiences could include a team building exercise, charity challenge or wellness program. For private customers, these might be a guided champagne walk, a navigation course or photography lessons.

Pied A Terre Adventure’s immediate challenge was finding an affordable CRM database that caters to both B2B and B2C clients. The team needed to be able to tailor their messaging, tasks, and planning for both consumer and corporate audiences. The second challenge was finding a product that would allow them to deliver the level of quality customer service they desired. And lastly, Betts and his executive team are avid adventurers and needed a “CRM solution that could fit in their pockets.” Betts doesn’t limit himself to the confines of an office – he once closed a deal on top of a mountain – so a CRM with strong mobile capabilities was also a must.

Insightly solution

Since using Insightly’s solution, the team improved their response time with contacts by almost 40 percent mostly because of Insightly’s mobile accessibility. Previously, Betts and his team couldn’t manage their contacts outside the office so all client communication had to wait until the team was back in the office.

Pied A Terre Adventures manages five different databases between their B2B and B2C clients and the team needed a solution that would streamline this information. Betts and his team implemented Insightly a year ago and found it to be the perfect platform for both types of outreach.

Insightly’s easy implementation was a big selling point for Betts as his team was looking for a tool with a simple and intuitive interface. Almost immediately the team started capitalizing on the capabilities of their new CRM: profiling clients, targeting their messaging, and maintaining contact with customers throughout the sales cycle.


Pied A Terre Adventures achieved a 30 percent increase in revenue since they started using Insightly. This great ROI is due to an increase in sales engagement with customers and prospects. As a mobile team, the company needed a solution that would make managing prospects easier from any location and Insightly helped them to achieve that. Insightly’s assistance with profiling clients and targeting messaging to them also helped Betts and the team create more effective contact with their customers, whether that be through mailings or social media engagement, which ultimately led to the team closing more business.

Insightly offers us a platform to manage our customer engagement from anywhere in the world, which is crucial for a company full of avid outdoorsman and travelers