Manufacturing CRM

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From sales opportunity to production order to delivery milestones, the Insightly manufacturing CRM streamlines the entire process by centralizing customer data & documentation, reducing administrative costs, and strengthening your client/supplier relationships. Your manufacturing business depends on speed whether it’s quickly turning around a quote to dealers/customers, retooling factory floor processes, or accelerating product deployment.

Track RFQ Win & Loss Rate

Insightly’s sales pipeline CRM feature helps manufacturers stay on top of the supplier RFQ avalanche. Visually track major stages of an opportunity/project and activity sets (review BOM/CAD files, factory visit events, customer reference selection, open book/closed book pricing quotes).

Project Delivery + Post-Sales Implementation= Customer Service Satisfaction

While your ERP system manages material logistics for warranty, repair or service issues, a CRM for manufacturing helps you track the customer communications around service requests to honor contractual customer commitments. Avoid delivery delays and penalties when you customize our project management and workflow automation tools to stay on top of day-to-day tasks. Never miss another deadline.

New Market Opportunities

There’s a steady order pipeline from your current customer base, but you realize your company needs more sales muscle for territory and industry expansion to stay competitive. Insightly’s relationship linking and lead management features lets your team reach more prospective customers, with less operational overhead.