Wedding Photographer Relies on Insightly to Manage Bookings

Company overview

Peter Greeno is a Maine wedding photographer who founded his studio, Peter Greeno Photography, to serve brides throughout New England and New York. He captures stunning photographs across a destination wedding region laced with mountains to the west and ocean to the east. The landscape is a perfect backdrop for unforgettable events, and his passion for photography shows in the images he takes.

Workflow challenge

The average bride today spends 13 months planning her wedding – which means Peter has to consistently stay on top of projects that can take up to two years to complete. Every wedding project has a different client, and in working with each bride, it’s Peter’s job to ensure that every detail is addressed before her special day. He needed a more efficient way to manage client information than the traditional pen and paper or Excel documents. He tried out other CRM solutions, including Salesforce, but Insightly did the best job of integrating his sales opportunities, projects and email conversations at a price that was well suited to a small business.

Insightly solution

After researching other sales and project databases, Peter chose Insightly for its integration with Google Apps and its cost-effective pricing. Today, Peter can easily track emails, stay up-to-date on where each bride is in the wedding planning process, and ensure that important details don’t fall through the cracks. Insightly’s task list keeps Peter organized and effective. Once a bride sends an email, he creates a new opportunity and immediately sends out a few materials and ideas to start the conversation. With each follow-up conversation, he creates a task to flag the next timely action to avoid letting the momentum stop. Before Peter adopted Insightly, the lost momentum in conversations with potential clients was hurting his business. Peter has begun using Insightly to manage marketing projects too, such as his recent advertising shoot. He also plans to expand his use of Insightly to capitalize on its MailChimp integration, using it to distribute regular e-newsletters and stay in touch with those who follow his business.


As his business grows, a majority of Peter’s business will come from referrals, which means keeping each bride happy and satisfied throughout the entire process is a top priority. Brides have already thanked Peter for being on top of what needed to happen to make their wedding day picture perfect. He is keeping track of more conversations with potential clients, and as a result, sales have increased substantially. He’s also saving a considerable amount of time on back-end processes, allowing him to invest those resources to grow his business by investing more time into marketing for the next season. Peter has found so much benefit in using Insightly that he has begun to implement it at a local non-profit organization where he spends his time when he’s not behind the camera. See some of his work at; he’d be happy to start a conversation with you.

Since using Insightly, I have seen a substantial increase in sales. Brides have repeatedly thanked me for being on top of what needs to happen next throughout the wedding planning process, and with a business that will be based on referrals, knowing that my brides are satisfied means a lot to my success.