“A good CRM system ensures that everyone in the company knows everything that’s going on with your customers.”

‐ Gene Marks, Smartbiz.com

Insightly For The Enterprise

We know what you’re thinking: Insightly was built for SMBs, so how can you help a company of our size? The ‘enterprise’ is not a monolithic beast; it’s made up of departments, groups, and sub-organizations that don’t need heavy-handed tools to get things done. In fact, a complex system can slow things down for all the teams that drive your success.

On the management level, executives and directors need both a satellite view of their workforce’s terrain and the ability to view their activities at ground level. Insightly gives you cost-effective tools to achieve KPI consistency within smaller business units that don’t need an expensive, complicated CRM to get the job done. You can increase operational efficiency with a cost-effective CRM that’s easy to use and easy to administer.

Why Insightly for enterprise?

  • Reduce IT overhead and professional service costs with an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-learn SaaS service. Pay per user, per month—or per year for a discount. No consulting fees.

  • Monitor the sales pipeline and access the details of every deal from Insightly’s opportunity reports. Quick and easy.

  • Create standard workflows and automate task creation with pipelines and activity sets. Insightly keeps your teams focused, informed, and more productive.

  • Connect existing systems to Insightly via our open API. Your developers can create interfaces to give you more control and visibility over your CRM data.

  • Insightly is SOC 2 Compliant further ensuring your data privacy and security.

How are enterprise-level businesses using Insightly?

  • International companies providing software and healthcare services have implemented Insightly for their lead-qualification sales teams, speeding up new sales onboarding and allowing their inside sales and field sales teams to focus on closing deals as qualified leads are passed through to their enterprise sales tool.

  • A big-box retailer’s units manage and assign Insightly tasks to track internal customer information and improve delivery of services and products without the burden of unnecessary software maintenance and overhead.

  • A global insurance provider generates and tracks sales activities through Insightly, monitoring their pipelines through reporting and keeping their sales process focused and agile.

  • A service based educational organization has visibility into the interactions of their hundreds of independent contractors across the globe.

Get the Job Done with a Sleeker, More Affordable CRM



Free for up to 2 users



Per user/month
(billed annually)

$15 /user/month (billed monthly)



Per user/month
(billed annually)

$35 /user/month (billed monthly)



Per user/month
(billed annually)

$59 /user/month (billed monthly)



Contact Sales

+1 (888) 999-4039

Per user/month
(billed annually)

$129 /user/month (billed monthly)

“We are a partnership of three institutions working together to provide customized workforce development solutions to our local employers. Insightly has been great in helping us stay connected with one another and giving us the opportunity to know what’s happening with all the projects in our pipeline.”

Business Professional, Educational Institution
Source: TechValidate