Insightly Reports

Insightly lets you look at your business any way you want. Insightly offers Advanced Reports and Legacy Reports so you have plenty of options for your business:

  • Our Advanced Reports allow you to create custom, tabular reports through an easy-to-use design using drag and drop. A folder report structure and report templates keep your reports organized and help you create reports quickly. In addition, advanced logic filters help you narrow in on your report criteria. Report scheduling and Smart Alerts are also available on paid plans. Advanced Reports do not include graphs (yet!), but you can export the data into other graphing tools like Excel or Microsoft BI.
  • Our Legacy Reports are configurable reports for Opportunities and Activities and include basic graphs.

Insightly Advanced Reports

Advanced Reports Screenshot
  1. Schedule / Set Alerts
    For paid users you can schedule reports and set Smart Alerts to let you know when a report meets a pre-defined threshold (i.e. every time an opportunity with a value of $5000 is created).
  2. Report Filter
    Create filters from Insightly’s standard fields as well as any custom fields you have created. In addition you can create Boolean Logic filters for advanced queries.
  3. Group
    See your records grouped in a summary based on any field in Insightly.

Insightly Legacy Reports

Reports Screenshot
  1. Insightly has a number of opportunity reports so you can see your data any way that works for you.

    Our reports include:

    • Category Breakdown
    • Reasons for Losing
    • Pipeline Stage
    • Funnel Analysis
    • Responsible User
    • Organization
    • Value of Incoming Opportunities
    • Value of Opportunities Won
    • Insightly Completed Task and Events Report
  2. See your sales graphically
  3. Easily see opportunity details such as responsible user, pipeline and pipeline stage, close date, probability of winning and value

Completed Tasks and Events

Reports Screenshot
  1. See all completed tasks and events (even overdue tasks!) at a glance. You can see completed tasks and events by:

    • Responsible User
    • Organization
    • Opportunity
    • Project