Easy Administration – All the Power of a CRM Without the Hassle

As the old saying goes — time is money. So you don’t need to waste either with complicated system administration. With Insightly you can add users in one click, easily create permissions and rest assured that your date is secure and private.

Create Automatic Relationships

Relationships can be used to track friendships, affiliations, family ties, or even sports partners. Relationships are important in real life, and Insightly keeps track of those relationships so you don’t have to remember, for instance, if two contacts that work at the same firm are husband and wife or just colleagues.

Delightfully Simple Permissions

Everything in Insightly was designed to be super easy to use, and permissions are no exception. Strong security around sensitive data is important, so Insightly allows you to lock down information from prying eyes. Specify restrictive permissions on just about any item in Insightly using simple radio buttons, and each item can be configured for just the right people to see. You can also create teams within Insightly as a convenient way of securing permissions on an item like a contact or opportunity, or as a way of filtering lists to see items belonging to members of that team.

Safe, Secure & Private

Insightly uses 128 bit bank grade SSL encryption on every page so you’re always protected. Our storage infrastructure is highly durable and fault tolerant, with every file written to multiple storage facilities in different locations to ensure against data loss. Our databases are also backed up daily and securely transferred and stored with military-grade AES-256 encryption to multiple off-site locations for disaster recovery purposes.