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I Know Enough About CRMs to Be Dangerous

So, you have a general knowledge of CRM? Great! Now’s the perfect time to get on board with a CRM to become an ace at keeping your business organized and your customers happy.

We understand that bringing a new CRM into your business can be a bit painful because it requires change. But, change is good and the effort will be worth it because with Insightly on board, you’ll cease being dangerous, and instead become skilled at time-saving tasks such as:

  • Using lead assignment rules to ensure that leads are routed and assigned to the right sales people.
  • Maintaining the most current contact, organization, opportunity and project-related information.
  • Searching and find customer records in seconds so you can view specifics such as purchase details.
  • Uploading and sharing files right from individual customer records
  • Tracking every stage of the sales process

Create a Business Checklist and Goals

A CRM can mean change to your business and the best way to make the change as smooth as possible is to be ready for it. Before you bring any CRM into your company, think about your current pain points and create goals for how a CRM can help resolve these issues in your business:


  • Information is hard to find
  • Reduce time needed to find information
  • Projects take longer because we don’t have a streamlined process
  • Reduce time to complete a project
  • We have too many meetings because not everyone is on the same page
  • Reduce number of meetings
  • We don’t have clear visibility into our sales pipeline
  • Increase opportunities created in the sales pipeline
  • We may be losing business ‐ we’re not sure
  • Increase new customers acquired
  • Wasted time due to trying to find customer information in multiple places
  • Increase productivity

Customer Results

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