CRM can be confusing to first timers.
Insightly has the resources to make your
journey a smooth one!

I’m New to CRM! How is it Going to Help My Business?

It’s not just another fancy acronym. It’s your gateway to better organization, improved efficiency and a closer connection with your customers. Using a CRM, businesses have one central location for their leads and contacts, know what was last communicated to a customer, can track the number of sales that will close each week, and can see business data in reports. In short, a CRM helps you run your business better.

Spreadsheets & eMail Don’t Cut It!

A CRM removes the headaches of managing customer relationships the old school way – via spreadsheets and email. Insightly CRM provides everything you need to stay on top of your business. With Insightly CRM you can:

  • Create automatic task reminders to ensure you’re on top of your daily activities
  • Create detailed and searchable customer and contact records in seconds
  • Define and apply your own sales pipeline stages, giving you a quick read on where every sale is the process, including when it is likely to close
  • Find and review historical purchase details for each customer
  • Sync with a wide array of popular apps such as Evernote, MailChimp, Quickbooks Online, and more

It’s Worth It

A CRM may not guarantee that your business will grow, but it’s guaranteed that your business won’t grow without a CRM. Insightly has all the resources to get you started – video tutorials, webinars, FAQs, online support center. So give it a try and go from a CRM newbie to a CRM groupie!

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Resources to Help you Learn More About CRM

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