IT Consultants: Your Next Hire Should be a CRM

Using TechValidate, an independent third-party survey company, Insightly surveyed over 750 consultants. The results reveal that while each business has a unique recipe for success, there are common themes that help IT consultants succeed – consistent and productive work, a structured approach to project management and lasting client relationships built on trust. To maintain these themes many consulting companies turn to a CRM to combat the business pains of organizing information, managing clients and collaborating with team members.

Before using a CRM, IT consulting companies reported these business issues:

  • 57% had difficulty organizing information
  • 38% had difficulty managing clients and suppliers
  • 28% had difficulty collaborating with team members

Our responders noticed these improvements after implementing Insightly:

  • 73% Noted improved efficiency
  • 57% Noted improved productivity
  • 85% Noted increased sales

“We were not keeping track of meetings, prospects or client communication. Because of this we were dropping the ball on follow-ups, or duplicating efforts in some cases because we were not communicating effectively. Insightly has helped.

‐ Brett Craven, co-founder of Mesh Counseling

With immediate ROI, CRM gives consultants the freedom to excel:

How long did it take for your CRM to show return on investment?

  • Less than a month: 37%
  • 1-3 months: 30%
  • 3-6 months: 18%
  • 6-9 months: 7%
  • 9-12 months: 4%
  • More than one year: 5%

Source: TechValidate

“Our CRM has improved the weekly, monthly and quarterly business reporting for the executive level. The sales team is now communicating much better internally. The communication between business analysts and sales has improved significantly.

‐ Wolfgang Perner, Account Manager, Mercury Group of Companies
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