CRM Brings Visibility and Simplicity to Manufacturing Operations

Using TechValidate an independent survey company, Insightly surveyed over 400 manufacturing professionals to discover how they use CRM and project management solutions to improve operations, help with supplier communications, and manage end customers. Using their insights, your team can spend less time managing the product lines and more time profiting from business relationships.

Before using a CRM, surveyed customers reported issues in their daily workflow:

  • 62% had difficulty
    organizing information
  • 49% had difficulty
    managing clients
    and suppliers
  • 34% had difficulty
    collaborating with
    team members
  • 33% had difficulty
    managing projects

Survey respondents noticed these improvements after implementing Insightly:

  • 76% Increased efficiency
  • 50% Enhanced productivity
  • 18% Had happier, more loyal customers

Good for Sales, Good for Profits

“The proper implementation of a CRM forces a company to verify what it thinks it already knows about its products and services, value propositions, and processes. This process alone is bound to uncover growth opportunities.

Matthew Stoops, sales manager at MetalSource

“More than half of manufacturers improved sales by up to 50% after Insightly.

Source: TechValidate survey of 400 manufacturing professionals

It’s Simple: When data is organized and at your fingertips, you can focus on meaningful work that gets results.

Using CRM, almost 90% of manufacturers saw productivity increase by at least 10%, with 31% boosting productivity by more than half. Time is one of the most coveted resources in any organization ‐ especially for manufacturers. More than half of the manufacturers that use a CRM report they can’t live without the tool, and they interact with it on a daily basis. When you’re considering adopting a new solution, consider the big picture: where will your organization be in one year? Where could it be if you start using a CRM today?

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