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With Insightly’s professional features – including Workflow Automation, Custom Dashboards, Layouts, Permissions, and more – you can do more with less and build a smarter, more powerful business.

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Workflow Automation
Cut your administrative work in half with workflow automation. Bypass your inbox, auto-assign tasks, and trigger actions in your other apps. Put your CRM data to work.

Custom Dashboards
Understand your revenue through deeper insights with data visualization. Gain valuable insight into the most important aspects of your business: sales, productivity, and relationships. Build reports in a few clicks, schedule alerts, and stay in the loop.

Permissions & Controls
Every team plays its own role in building customer relationships. That’s why a CRM needs to adapt to each role in a company. It needs to enable everyone to focus on the job that matters, while restricting users’ permission to see, edit, or delete sensitive data.

Custom Objects
Allows businesses to extend an already feature-rich application by modeling unique aspects of their business into the CRM for everyday use; industry-specific use cases can be managed from right within the application.