There’s a personal assistant for your phone, your home, your laptop and more. So, why wouldn’t you need an assistant for your CRM within your primary workplace chat application like Slack?

The Insightly Assistant will help you find, create, and update Insightly records right from Slack, and with straightforward natural-language communication. It’s like chatting with a helpful colleague or teammate.

With a smart assistant in Slack, your team can now focus on its most important opportunities, your business’ most important tasks and more.

Using the Insightly Assistant, you can do things like (see below):

  • Be notified when an opportunity is won in Slack
  • Search for contacts and leads from Slack
  • Create new leads or contacts from Slack
  • Add notes to leads or contacts from Slack
  • Create Insightly tasks for yourself from Slack
  • Change the stage of an opportunity from Slack

If you’d like to learn more, you can read about it in our help article. And, the best news of all is that the Insightly Assistant is available now on all paid Insightly Plans.

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