Lead management is an important part of any sales process, and our new Leads record allows you to separate pre-qualified leads from your qualified sales opportunities and contacts. A lead is the best way to manage information about someone who might be interested in your products or services but hasn’t yet been qualified by your team.

After you determine a lead is qualified, you can convert it and have Insightly automatically create a sales opportunity with a linked contact and organization. By adding these prospects to Insightly’s Leads tab first, you can keep the pre-qualification process better organized and save space on your account, since related contacts and organizations are not created until the lead is converted.

The Leads tab will appear in the left navigation panel, and your administrator can enable or disable the tab from the System Settings > Lead Management page.


Leads include the functions that you already use for contacts, such as importing, Web to Lead forms, emailing from Insightly, activity sets, filtering, and custom fields. And they also include unique fields to record the lead’s Industry, Number of Employees, and Lead Rating—a way to score your leads to rank the more likely and less likely prospects.


When you’ve confirmed a lead is qualified, you can quickly create a related opportunity, contact, and organization all in one step by choosing the convert option from the lead’s Action menu. By converting the lead, you’ve now created three new records in Insightly that your sales team can use to pursue the new business.


Leads can help you manage the early stages of your sales funnel with ease and create qualified opportunities to pass on to your sales team for more closed sales. We’re very pleased to bring this new tool to our customers.

See our support article Setting up and using Leads for full details on setting up this new Insightly feature for your business!