Insightly is proud to announce the release of new version of Insightly CRM. The latest version is jam-packed with new functionality and productivity improvements across the board, many of which come directly from customer suggestions and feedback.


Flexible and customizable

The new Insightly provides more control over how you see your CRM information. Any list view- customer, lead, or opportunity lists – can be completely customized. Display pertinent information that’s important to your business, show what “Industry” a lead is in or reveal customer type, like “Premium”. You have the ability sort and filter, as well as make any list private or share with your team.

Visual pipelines

Insightly revamped the way opportunities, leads and projects can be displayed with the introduction of the Kanban view. They are shown as cards along a pipeline to indicate the stage they are of the process. Simply drag and drop cards from one stage to another to update its status and kick-off next steps. A warning icon is also displayed for any card that has no future activities assigned reminding you to set up follow-up tasks to push deals or projects along.

Rich, detailed record view

When any lead, contact, opportunity or project is selected the record opens in a slide-out panel, so you can see information quickly without toggling between lists and record details. Pipeline stages are prominently displayed at the top and a summary bar provides highlight information at a glance without having to dig deeper. For example, the summary bar shows information such as opportunity value and how long it’s been in any one particular stage. You’ll be able to identify stall points and help push deals along faster.

Productivity enhancements

With the new version, you can be notified of important activities via push notifications on your smartphone, email notifications, AND notifications directly in Insightly CRM. Any task reminders, assignments, or updated records that you follow can notify you wherever you are.

Quick search
Searches in Insightly now happen at lightning speed using ElasticSearch technology. We’ve also implemented faceted search to focus search results by type of record with any search query to find what you’re looking for quickly.

Insight cards 
Insightly now surfaces artificial intelligence based “insight cards” when we have suggestions or additional information to help you. If Insightly has detected that a lead is a duplicate, an “insight card” appears to inform you of the duplicate and allow you to consolidate them. Additionally leads, contacts, and organizations show insight cards with the local weather and time for their location, so you can genuinely talk wind, rain or shine.

Built for enterprises

Lambda Functions
Enterprise plan customers get an added extensibility option with AWS Lambda function support. Customers will be able to write and upload custom programming code that runs when data is added or changed in Insightly CRM. These functions help keep multiple systems and data in sync – like updating a marketing automation tool when an opportunity is won in Insightly. Customers can build an integration with just about any other software that has an API.

SAML-based SSO
Insightly now supports SAML Single Sign-On with tools like OneLogin, Auth0, or Okta in addition to SSO with Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.  SAML support enables large enterprises that wish to control which users have access to different software applications, and allow them to share one Windows login password with many applications.

Browser Compatibility

Insightly recommends using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for maximum compatibility. We regularly test our application with these browsers. Please note that the new version on Insightly is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Make the switch today to experience the new Insightly CRM. Read our Help Center article for a full explanation of all the changes.