Product News
Improved MailChimp Integration
Previously, you could only import or export Insightly contacts to MailChimp. But, now, you can now import or export both Insightly contacts AND leads from or to a MailChimp list with more of their associated data. And, you can now see the history of MailChimp campaign interactions in a timeline view without leaving Insightly. When ... Read More
Insightly is now SOC Compliant
You must be asking yourself, what is SOC Compliance and what does it mean for me? Well, SOC stands for Security Organization Controls and it is a security standard developed by the AICPA (The American Institute of CPAs). What this means for you is that Insightly has controls in place to ensure that your data ... Read More
Workflow Improvements
Shift All Milestone Dates
By popular request, we’ve been hard at work improving Insightly so that you have a more seamless workflow and I’m excited to share everything we’ve completed. A quick summary of what’s now available in your account is below. Custom Field Availability on Web to Lead/Contact Forms Custom Field Mapping (So your custom field data moves ... Read More
Xero Integration Improvement: Multi-line Invoices
Multiline Invoices
For all of our Xero Integration users, I’m happy to share that we’ve also improved it so that it now supports multi-line invoices. So, you no longer need to generate multiple invoices just to send one bill with multiple lines. Simply click “Add a new line” to add another row to your invoice, add the ... Read More
Japanese Language Support
For our customers in Japan, we’ve added Japanese as a language setting for Insightly, so you and your colleagues can now use Insightly in Japanese. Please note that this addition is still in beta. You can learn more about enabling it in our support forum. If you like this update, be sure to like and ... Read More
Accelerate Your Sales with Lead Assignment Rules
Without the right tools, assigning and distributing leads can take almost as much time as following up on them. With Insightly CRM’s new lead assignment rules, your leads can be distributed automatically and immediately after they’re entered, improving the speed and accuracy of your entire sales process. Right now, you might get a lead, add ... Read More
Insightly CRM Gives Custom Fields a Productivity Boost!
Information transfer
Insightly’s custom fields give you flexibility and control over your CRM information by letting you make a place for your own unique data. Adding fields like billing ID numbers, customer types, subscriptions, or referrals helps you make Insightly your own. Now, you can copy and move custom fields between records, increasing the power of automation ... Read More
We’ve Been Working Day and Night to Speed Up Insightly
Insightly’s product development team has been hard at work improving our infrastructure, so you might have noticed that Insightly’s apps—both web and mobile—are running a lot faster. The geeky details: We refactored our backend using an abstracted service layer to separate our data store and presentation layers. Wow, that was a mouthful! Without further getting ... Read More
Get More Control when Sending Email from Insightly CRM
Sending email directly from your CRM is a fantastic way for salespeople to save time and effort. With thousands of customers utilizing this feature, we’ve taken another step to make the management of your business email more effective. Prior to today’s update, we used our own mail system to send emails from within Insightly on ... Read More
Pipelines and Activity Sets Come to Insightly Mobile
Insightly mobile
With every update, the Insightly mobile team adds features and improves the performance of our Android and iOS apps. This week, the apps have been updated to fulfill a couple of very popular customer requests. From managing your workflow with Pipelines and Activity Sets to finding items faster through search, these improvements are sure to ... Read More
Create Documents Faster with Insightly and PandaDoc
Insightly and PandaDoc logos
Managing documents for sales processes or business agreements can take a lot of time and effort. Things can slow down even further when you’re trying to coordinate stakeholders and get your documents signed. With our newest integration, you can create these documents faster and easier by connecting Insightly CRM to PandaDoc. PandaDoc has created a ... Read More
Expand Your Insightly Reporting Options with Power BI
Integrations make life easier. Instead of manually transferring files or copying-and-pasting information from one application to another, integrations bring your data to you when you need it and where you need it. For customers who love reporting, Insightly is happy to present our integration with Microsoft’s Power BI. We think you’ll be pleased, too. Power ... Read More
Sort Out Your Insightly Contacts and Leads More Easily
When your business is busy, there is probably a lot of data entry going on. Perhaps you have an assistant at the office entering leads into Insightly as calls come in, and a salesperson scanning business cards from a conference they’re attending. Maybe visitors on your website are submitting their information through webforms, and an ... Read More
Insightly CRM’s Advanced Reporting: A Better Way to Get Answers
Report on a desk.
“How much revenue did the sales team bring in last quarter?” “Who are we expecting at next month’s events?” “What’s in our sales pipeline?” Many questions need to be asked when running a business, and the right answers will provide actionable insights to help your business grow and thrive. Now, gain a greater understanding of ... Read More
Insightly Speeds Up Mobile Access
As your business grows, so does the number of records you’ve added to Insightly. Having the freshest data at your fingertips, wherever you are, is vital to your success, and waiting around while your mobile app synchronizes your information can slow things down. Our latest update for Android and iOS includes big changes to the ... Read More
Easier, More Powerful User Management in Insightly
Insightly administrators have a lot of control and responsibility when visiting their System Settings page. User management is a key area in the settings, and we’ve introduced a new design and new tools to help you help your users.   Better Design, Easier to Use We’re delighted to see so many of our customers’ businesses ... Read More
New Insightly Features to Prevent and Merge Duplicates
Insightly helps you stay informed and organized. But as your staff and CRM data grow, duplicate entries can still occur. In response to our customers’ requests for more duplicate prevention tools, we’ve added duplicate detection to prevent duplicates at the time of data entry and a SmartMerge tool to help you find and merge duplicate ... Read More
Insightly CRM Integrates with Beautiful Accounting Software from Xero
Insightly and Xero logos
Customers of Insightly CRM and customers of Xero accounting software are familiar with the benefits that great cloud-based tools bring to their small businesses. With better collaboration and easily accessible customer information, people are saving time, earning more business, and staying on track. Our new Xero integration can help you raise your productivity even higher ... Read More
Have You Tried Insightly’s Mobile Apps?
Insightly on the iPhone
We’ve been busy with our iOS and Android apps, adding features to help you get things done faster, right from your phone. Here’s a recap of the improvements we’ve made over the last few months. Manage your sales leads on the go With leads on mobile, you can view, add, and edit information for your ... Read More
Insightly Mobile Apps Get Leads and Audio Notes
Insightly’s Android and iOS apps are more popular than ever, so our mobile team is determined to keep up the pace of new features and improvements to benefit our customers who are on the go. Our latest update—version 3.7.0—gives you access to leads, adds the ability to record audio notes, and lets you change the ... Read More
The Insightly Sidebar Brings CRM to Gmail
Insightly knows Gmail, and we know most of our customers live in their email inbox. We also know that bringing your CRM information to your inbox increases productivity and makes work easier. And so we’re very excited to announce our new extension for the Chrome browser and Gmail—the Insightly Sidebar. With the Insightly Sidebar and ... Read More
Insightly’s QuickBooks Online Integration Gets Even Better
Insightly customers are thrilled by the productivity increases they experience after connecting QuickBooks Online to Insightly. With easy access to the status of invoices right in your CRM, you can minimize delays as you move through your sales pipelines and business workflows. Some customers have told us that they don’t want everyone in their companies ... Read More
Your Insightly Calendar is Now Mobile!
As we add more features to our iOS and Android apps, we’re very pleased to see more Insightly customers accessing their CRM on mobile. Now, we’re announcing another big step toward bringing all the Insightly features you love to your smartphones and tablets: Your Insightly calendar and events are available on the go! With access ... Read More
Insightly Help is now Insightly Support!
We’re excited to announce a new resource called Insightly Support where you can connect with your peers to get answers fast. Insightly Support is made up of a community of Insightly customers and team members and an extensive Knowledge Base of articles by Insightly so you can: Ask questions about Insightly, your industry, or business ... Read More
Insightly Introduces Lead Management!
Lead management is an important part of any sales process, and our new Leads record allows you to separate pre-qualified leads from your qualified sales opportunities and contacts. A lead is the best way to manage information about someone who might be interested in your products or services but hasn’t yet been qualified by your ... Read More
New Custom Field Options and Settings
We’ve just shipped a new version of Insightly with some great improvements to custom fields.   New Custom Field Types To start we’ve added four new custom field types you can choose from when creating new custom fields: A checkbox field type A number field type A URL / Hyperlink field type A Multi-line text ... Read More
New Filtering Options For Lists
We’ve just released a new version of Insightly with dramatically improved filtering capability for building lists. The new filters apply to lists of contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects and leads.   New Filter Operators Text fields now have the following operators: Equals, Not equal to, Less than, Greater than, Less or equal, Greater or equal, Contains, ... Read More
Insightly’s Office 365 Integration Means Better Business for Optimize Social Media
We’re very excited that Optimize Social Media, an Insightly and Office 365 customer, was recently highlighted by Microsoft to illustrate how Insightly’s integration with Outlook 2013 can help make big improvements to running a business. Optimize Social Media educates companies on social media and manages their social networks so that they can focus on their ... Read More
365 Ninja Explains the Benefits of the Insightly App for Outlook 2013
If you’re an Office 365 customer who doesn’t know about 365 Ninja yet, you’re missing out on some great tips and tutorials that will help you become an Office 365 expert. If you’re an Outlook 2013/Office 365 customer who hasn’t tried the Insightly app for Outlook 2013, Ninja’s recent post on integrated Office 365 tools ... Read More
Insightly’s Mobile Apps Get Business Card Scanning, Widgets, and Tags!
In our constant drive to make your CRM experience even better with new features and improvements, Insightly is updating our mobile apps with three new features that will make your days on the road easier. Our release for Android is already available, and the iOS update for iPhone and iPad users will be coming to ... Read More