Easily find key info on the Insightly app when you’re on the go

When you need to find key info when you’re on the go, your CRM app should make it easy. For example, if you need to find the contract needed to close the deal on which you just received a verbal commitment, you should be able to find it on your CRM app just by typing… Read More

Remain productive on the go using the Insightly App

When you’re on the go and need to remain productive, you want your CRM app to help you focus on moving business forward. For example, you’ll want to create recurring tasks, follow key opportunities, be notified of important tasks and know the last time a contact had an activity before or after key interactions. For… Read More

View any file added to any record from the Insightly app wherever it’s stored

When you’re on the go and need to see important files related to specific opportunities, projects or contacts Insightly’s mobile app has you covered. Now, with the Insightly app, you can easily view and access files associated with any record so you can remain productive when you’re on the go. For example, when you close… Read More

View and search your mobile CRM info even when you don’t have internet access

When you’re in a location with spotty internet access, it’s important that you can view and search all of your account info so you can be prepared for your next meeting. For those of you keeping score, this isn’t a new capability, but we’d like to point out that you can easily search and view… Read More

Ensure your opportunities represent reality with the “Opportunity History Report”

When your business is growing and opportunities abound, how can you make sure that your opportunities accurately represent reality or that your reps are managing opportunities correctly? With Insightly’s new Opportunity History Report, you can easily do so. Using the Opportunity History Report, you can quickly and easily view the changes made to any opportunity… Read More

Secure your account by generating a new API key

API keys are long and difficult to remember so that hackers can’t easily access your data. But, we’re willing to bet that you’ve written all of your API keys on a post it and put it on your desk somewhere where everyone could view it because they’re so difficult to remember. We all know this… Read More

Secure your company’s data with Insightly’s Advanced Permissions

Do your different teams get confused what records they should update? Is there a lot of employee turnover in your company which exposes your sensitive business data to security risk? Are records accidentally deleted permanently or accidentally edited rendering it useless? We understand this risk and have developed Advanced Permissions to help you manage this… Read More

Improved Opportunity Value Accuracy Using Expected Revenue

Business owners and managers need an accurate view into their opportunities’ values. So, we’ve added a new calculated field in our Opportunity Report that displays the expected value of an opportunity.  With this new level of accuracy, you’ll be better able to focus your efforts to grow your business. This value is calculated by the… Read More

Additional Fields in Advanced Reporting

You requested it, so we considered it and added it! With this improvement, you can now use our standard advanced reports with a ton of new fields so you can better see how your business is performing. To use the new fields, simply navigate to the appropriate report and drag the field into the columns…. Read More

Next & Last Activity Dates

We know that it’s important for you to know the last time you interacted with someone and the next time you’re planned to get in touch with them. So, we’ve added next and last activity dates to each lead, contact, organization, opportunity and project.