Product News
Improved MailChimp Integration
Previously, you could only import or export Insightly contacts to MailChimp. But, now, you can now import or export both Insightly contacts AND leads from or to a MailChimp list with more of their associated data. And, you can now see the history of MailChimp campaign interactions in a timeline view without leaving Insightly. When ... Read More
Insightly is now SOC Compliant
You must be asking yourself, what is SOC Compliance and what does it mean for me? Well, SOC stands for Security Organization Controls and it is a security standard developed by the AICPA (The American Institute of CPAs). What this means for you is that Insightly has controls in place to ensure that your data ... Read More
Workflow Improvements
Shift All Milestone Dates
By popular request, we’ve been hard at work improving Insightly so that you have a more seamless workflow and I’m excited to share everything we’ve completed. A quick summary of what’s now available in your account is below. Custom Field Availability on Web to Lead/Contact Forms Custom Field Mapping (So your custom field data moves ... Read More
Xero Integration Improvement: Multi-line Invoices
Multiline Invoices
For all of our Xero Integration users, I’m happy to share that we’ve also improved it so that it now supports multi-line invoices. So, you no longer need to generate multiple invoices just to send one bill with multiple lines. Simply click “Add a new line” to add another row to your invoice, add the ... Read More
Japanese Language Support
For our customers in Japan, we’ve added Japanese as a language setting for Insightly, so you and your colleagues can now use Insightly in Japanese. Please note that this addition is still in beta. You can learn more about enabling it in our support forum. If you like this update, be sure to like and ... Read More
Accelerate Your Sales with Lead Assignment Rules
Without the right tools, assigning and distributing leads can take almost as much time as following up on them. With Insightly CRM’s new lead assignment rules, your leads can be distributed automatically and immediately after they’re entered, improving the speed and accuracy of your entire sales process. Right now, you might get a lead, add ... Read More
Insightly CRM Gives Custom Fields a Productivity Boost!
Information transfer
Insightly’s custom fields give you flexibility and control over your CRM information by letting you make a place for your own unique data. Adding fields like billing ID numbers, customer types, subscriptions, or referrals helps you make Insightly your own. Now, you can copy and move custom fields between records, increasing the power of automation ... Read More
We’ve Been Working Day and Night to Speed Up Insightly
Insightly’s product development team has been hard at work improving our infrastructure, so you might have noticed that Insightly’s apps—both web and mobile—are running a lot faster. The geeky details: We refactored our backend using an abstracted service layer to separate our data store and presentation layers. Wow, that was a mouthful! Without further getting ... Read More
Get More Control when Sending Email from Insightly CRM
Sending email directly from your CRM is a fantastic way for salespeople to save time and effort. With thousands of customers utilizing this feature, we’ve taken another step to make the management of your business email more effective. Prior to today’s update, we used our own mail system to send emails from within Insightly on ... Read More
Pipelines and Activity Sets Come to Insightly Mobile
Insightly mobile
With every update, the Insightly mobile team adds features and improves the performance of our Android and iOS apps. This week, the apps have been updated to fulfill a couple of very popular customer requests. From managing your workflow with Pipelines and Activity Sets to finding items faster through search, these improvements are sure to ... Read More