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Share the Love, Share Insightly

Give $10, Get $25.

Start sharing the love and start receiving an unlimited amount of referral credit. Everyone you refer gets a $10 discount. Once they’ve spent $25 with Insightly, Insightly will credit your account with $25.

To participate in Insightly’s Refer-a-Friend program, simply log into your account and go to your referrals page located in “User Settings”. (If you don’t have an account, simply sign up for one – it’s completely free.) Once on that page, you can invite your friends via email, twitter or any other means using your unique referral link. Check out our short video to learn more.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer to Insightly?

No, you can refer an unlimited number of people to Insightly using the program.

Is there a limit to how credit I can earn from the program?

No, you can earn an unlimited amount of credit. Refer away!

When do I earn my referral credits?

When the people you refer pay Insightly $25, you receive a $25 credit which is applied to your next bill. Referral rewards are only provided when new customers sign up only. A new customer is someone who doesn’t already have an Insightly account.

Can I distribute my referral link in social media like my blog or Facebook accounts?

Yes and we encourage you to do so! Feel free to use it in SMS, IM, Slack, iMessage, Skype and email too! 😉

I live in a foreign country, may I participate in the referral program?

Yes! Everyone is eligible to participate. The only requirement is that they must have an existing Insightly account – free or paid.

I purchased my Insightly account through an Insightly sales representative, can I participate in the program?

Unfortunately, only Insightly customers that purchased their accounts directly through Insightly’s website are eligible to participate. So, if you purchased your account through an Insightly sales rep, you are ineligible to participate.

Can I combine my referral credits with other offers?

No. Offers can’t be combined when making a payment to Insightly. You need to choose whether you want to use credits or an offer when you make a payment.


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