“Running a small business is easy…”

‐ said no one ever.

Manage Your Business with Insightly

No one told you running a small business was going to be easy. At Insightly, we get it. You’re wearing multiple hats and there’s never enough time in the day. You’re struggling to meet the risks and challenges of keeping the business going.

So how do we help you? Insightly can help prevent that overwhelming feeling you get when facing all the details as you move through your day. Insightly has a place for everything, from your day-to-day tasks to your long-term goals. We can help you leap over the hurdles and hit your stride to keep things consolidated and moving forward, whether you want to keep up the current pace or take your business to new heights.

Small Business CRM ROI Chart
BLOG POST: How to REALLY Calculate ROI on your CRM System Tech expert Gene Marks writes about how to estimate what your Customer Relationship Management service is worth.
  • Manage contact information for your customers, vendors, or partners: Use Insightly to get them organized, all in one place. You can group, categorize, and nurture those relationships to build the trust and awareness you need for new and repeat business.

  • Improve efficiency: By managing projects and tasks in one place. You’ll never miss a deadline again.

  • Increase sales: Use Insightly to get a 360° view of your prospects and their relationships. That’s powerful insight for those sales calls. That’s the power of Insightly linking.

  • Get a handle on your To Do list: Create tasks to stay on top of your project goals. With email reminders and activity sets, Insightly gives you control and helps you keep your focus.

  • Clean up your calendar and make sure your schedule is up to date? With Google or Exchange calendar sync, meetings from your external calendars are linked to all related Insightly contacts automatically, and Insightly events and due dates will live right in the calendar you already use.

  • Keep track of emails or calls with clients: Save emails to Insightly, and they’ll be linked to matching contacts. Add a note or a task when you complete a call. Everything is linked to your client record and available when you need it.

  • With Insightly’s integration with MailChimp you can send email to thousands of your ‘closest friends’. Customers on a paid plan can import contacts to Insightly from a MailChimp account and export contacts from Insightly to a MailChimp list. Insightly will copy contact names and email addresses between the two applications.

Affordable for Small Businesses



Free for up to 2 users



Per user/month
(billed annually)

$15 /user/month (billed monthly)



Per user/month
(billed annually)

$35 /user/month (billed monthly)



Per user/month
(billed annually)

$59 /user/month (billed monthly)



Contact Sales

+1 (888) 999-4039

Per user/month
(billed annually)

$129 /user/month (billed monthly)

“80% of businesses decided to subscribe to a Basic account because Insightly is good value for the money.”

Source: TechValidate survey of 97 users of Insightly

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