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Evolve BioSystems switches to Insightly and partners with professional services

Evolve BioSystems reaches customers faster and more efficiently with Insightly

Insightly empowers Evolve BioSystems (Evolve) to reach healthcare providers faster and more efficiently with Evolve’s product: a probiotic that safeguards the health of vulnerable newborns. Evolve is dedicated to developing the next generation of products to establish, restore, and maintain a healthy newborn gut microbiome, driving optimal immune and metabolic health. They needed a faster way to deliver their product that was trackable, scalable, and provided data that enhanced relevant sales conversations.


Evolve needed a flexible, modern CRM to manage contacts and organizations centrally, and a scalable, reliable way to track product distribution.


Insightly’s intuitive user interface, flexible mobile app, and customizable approach to contacts and organizations drove adoption. Evolve maximized the benefit with a Shopify integration that empowered Evolve to ship samples directly from the Insightly app and facilitated timely and relevant sales follow up.


With Insightly, Evolve has improved accuracy and productivity across the board to drive more compelling sales conversations and deliver critical services to their customers faster and more efficiently.

Garrick Heuer Director Of Information Technology

Switching to Insightly

Evolve’s customers are healthcare professionals. The majority of them are affiliated with hospitals and clinics in different locations, making it absolutely critical for Evolve to

From our first conversations, I had confidence in the tool and the Insightly team. I feel like someone is always there for me with Insightly. It’s a true partnership.

manage multiple addresses assigned to single contacts. However, the legacy CRM that Evolve was using did not have the flexibility to account for customization to contacts and organizations. Because the CRM didn’t capture records in the unique way that Evolve needed, the team was frustrated and simply wasn’t using it. “Our old tool was fundamentally inflexible and didn’t allow us to save and use our data in a way that worked for our teams. Additionally, the interface was clunky, putting up even more barriers to adoption,” said Heuer.

There were other problems with the legacy CRM. Sales teams found the mobile application’s nonintuitive interface a barrier to using the app in the field. And getting any changes done required a monumental lift. The team would communicate changes to the third party vendor and wait for business development requirements to be turned around, only to find that requirements were often mistranslated due to the number of touchpoints involved with the vendor. “They’d go build it and bring it back. We’d look at it and realize that there was a mistranslation in the process, and we’d have to start all over again.”

Switching to Insightly was a completely different experience for the Evolve team. From the first conversations “I had confidence in just looking at the tool and talking to the Insightly team,” said Heuer. “Even starting with the data structure. I talked to Insightly about our use cases and how contacts and organizations needed to relate. And when I brought that to Insightly, the team told us that everything is related to everything else, there are no limitations.”

Having the Insightly team as trusted partners in Evolve’s success made all the difference in getting the product up and running quickly, with no barriers to adoption. “We went to go-live in three weeks, maybe four with training. The interface is so intuitive that the team didn’t need much training at all. Within hours they were up and running, and comfortable with it. They were competent really quickly, it was very easy. We can get a new employee up and running in three hours with Insightly. It’s that simple,” said Heuer.

Improving through integrations

As the Evolve team used the CRM, it became apparent that they could leverage Insightly’s Professional Services expertise to help partner and grow their business. Evolve was using a manual process to deliver product samples to healthcare providers, making it difficult to track and follow up effectively with prospects and leads. Heuer mapped out an integration with Insightly’s Professional Services team to create an automated workflow with Shopify. At the click of a mouse, the sales team was empowered to ship samples directly from the Insightly app, which automatically recorded the actions taken in the CRM so that everyone in the company had access to information and could take the right next step. Once the sample is delivered, the sales team member gets an automated message from the system and can follow up faster with the prospect, driving velocity through the sales process.

By developing the Shopify integration for Evolve, Insightly Professional Services was able to harness the power of Evolve’s customer data and create a solution that served the needs of the business, getting product into the hands of healthcare providers, and ultimately to vulnerable newborns, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

“Insightly has helped us roll out an integration for a process that used to take us half an hour and involve three people. It now takes one person and three minutes, and we can rely on the data to be right every time,” said Heuer.

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