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Professional services companies unify with Insightly

Clients are the lifeblood of your business

Without a strong customer relationship management (CRM) tool, your business may miss opportunities to provide optimal service.

Building strong and lasting client relationships involves everything from screening leads and responding to requests to invoicing contract proposals. A disparate assortment of spreadsheets, documents, and software won’t cut it when it comes to managing your business processes.

A scattered workflow leads to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Each moment spent handling these challenges is time not spent on your clients. It becomes difficult to give clients the attention they deserve. Plus, with poor tracking of your customers and leads, you run the risk of missing out on opportunities to drive more business revenue.

Become an Insightly partner and grow faster.

Businesses grow faster with Insightly

Professional service firms that deliver a unified customer experience are winning. Choose technology to make this possible for your business.

Insightly Marketing

Marketing automation helps professional services firms attract site visitors, convert them to prospects, and run marketing campaigns at scale.

Insightly CRM

A CRM helps professional services businesses streamline sales processes, improve profitability, and create long-term client relationships.

Insightly Service

Offer your clients great customer service with a ticketing application that includes a convenient customer portal, knowledge management and in-depth analytics.

See why Insightly is ideal for professional services firms

The CRM features that professional services firms love

A CRM will do wonders to organize any business. At its core, it’s a central data repository and a single source of information for your business. However, it’s these features in particular that are vital for your professional services business.

Accelerate Sales

  • Collaborate across the organization with centralized customer data
  • Grow your business faster with lead management and automated workflows
  • Drive greater ROI with tailored opportunity and pipeline management

Build Relationships

  • Understand complex organizational relationships with flexible record linking
  • Track frequency of interactions by linking emails, proposals and every interaction back to organizations and contacts
  • Increase sales velocity with a holistic view of what the customer wants and needs

Track key metrics

  • Create graphical data visualizations to reveal insights and monitor progress towards your goals
  • Share data across teams in easily digestible formats so your teams are all on the same page

Integrate with all the apps your professional services firm uses

You’ve got apps for accounting, HR, communication, and more. Insightly AppConnect keeps everything integrated.

AppConnect puts Insightly CRM at the center

With AppConnect there’s no need to copy and paste data between apps, upload CSVs, or to write complex code—all of your apps are just…connected.

With just a couple of clicks your business data transfers between apps automatically making it a breeze to run repetitive business tasks.

Insightly can connect to hundreds of the apps you use every day like Accounting systems, ERP systems, HR systems, Helpdesk and IT systems, databases, calendars, and collaboration and chat tools. There are more than 500 different app connectors in AppConnect ready to go today and new ones are added every week.

Build automated workflows with 1200+ integrated apps

Privacy and compliance

We use Insightly to run Insightly, so we make sure your data is as secure and safe as our own. We work with customers every day to make sure that their data security requirements are met and exceeded.

  • Independently assessed for compliance to SOC 2 Type II
  • Single-sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols
  • Support for two-factor authentication
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • EU/US Privacy Shield and GDPR Compliance

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