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Differentiate your business by empowering your customer service teams with insights across the unified platform

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Empower your teams to solve customer challenges

Insightly Service is a key part of Insightly’s unified suite of customer relationship management applications. It’s a service and support application that’s built natively within Insightly, connecting seamlessly with all the applications you use today to run your business. What does that mean to you? Mission-critical customer data is available to all your teams, in real time, empowering them to have more relevant conversations that drive customer satisfaction and success.


Close customer support tickets and share mission-critical information across your organization faster than ever.


Get a timely read on current and historical customer status and spark more engaging, relevant conversations.


Empower internal teams with the customer data they need to perform their roles effectively.

Seamless Integration

Insightly Service amplifies your visibility into customer health and status. Because it’s built natively on Insightly’s modern, unified platform, adoption is simple. Break down silos with a robust view of the customer. Empower your customer support teams to solve tickets quickly, listen with empathy, and create account expansion opportunities.

Improve Support Insights

Analyze tickets by support channel and manage team output, schedules, and resources more proactively. Customizable dashboard cards and reports make it easy to track performance against KPIs in real time. And use Insightly to scan keywords and phrases in tickets to get even more insights from every single interaction to drive enhanced customer success and engagement.

Leverage cross-platform integration to get even more insights from every interaction, and drive enhanced customer success and engagement.

Happy Teams. Happy Customers.

Help your agents drive customer satisfaction and keep commitments. Use the highly-visible SLA countdown and automated, custom reminders to return to tickets at just the right time. And make it easy for them to close tickets faster than ever with automated macros, integrated knowledge articles, and access to full ticket history.

Experience Service and the unified platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use Insightly CRM and Insightly Service together?

No. Both Insightly CRM and Insightly Service are robust applications that stand on their own for use by sales teams and customer service teams respectively. Both also integrate with other CRMs and other customer service applications. However, when you implement both, you provide your teams with full visibility into the customer, aligning your teams with a full 360-degree view that will help them elevate the customer experience.

What are the benefits of a customer service application?

You want every interaction your customer service team has to be a positive one. You can help them achieve that goal by providing a software platform that allows them to close tickets faster and deliver personalized experiences.

Are service desk applications only for big companies?

Once you have more than one customer service agent, you can benefit from a customer service application. Some platforms come with high price tags so only large organizations can afford them. Today, there are many affordably priced platforms that are intuitive so that virtually any organization of any size can use this technology.

What is an SLA?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and a customer that defines the types of service and the standard of service that the provider will provide and that the customer can expect. You can define and manage your organization’s SLA in Insightly Service.

What are some features of Insightly Service that increase the efficiency of a customer service help desk team?

Insightly Service includes the use of macros which are pre-written templates your agents can apply to a Ticket to provide consistent, informational responses to frequently asked questions. Insightly Service uses knowledge articles for easy reference for internal teams that can also be made available to external audiences. The use of the SLA countdown feature keeps teams informed of how quickly customers are being served to ensure service goals are met.

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