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Are you providing patient-centered experiences?

A positive experience retains patients and grows your practice. Clinics, doctor’s practices, and hospitals need the right tools to make it happen.

Daily operation of a healthcare organization is complex. Filling out forms, remaining HIPAA compliant, managing appointments, and updating records are just a few of the many tasks. These tasks can be time-consuming and difficult for staff to manage.

Plus, the typical day at a healthcare facility is highly unpredictable. Patients miss their appointments, new patients show up without one, while others come in for emergency procedures.

Juggling these unexpected variables is a struggle; more so when your processes are spread out across different platforms. Without a tool to streamline these administrative tasks, patients may not get proper attention and you are unable to provide the timely customer service and quality of care they expect.

Healthcare organizations grow faster with Insightly

Organizations that deliver a unified patient experience are adding new patients, generating higher revenue, and retaining patients longer.

Insightly Marketing

Marketing automation helps healthcare companies attract site visitors, convert them to patients, and optimize spend. Insightly Marketing is a full-featured platform to run marketing campaigns at scale.

Insightly CRM

A CRM helps healthcare organizations streamline sales processes, improve profitability, and create long-term patient relationships. Insightly is easy to use and adopt, incredibly flexible and customizable, integrates easily, and provides quick time-to-value.

Insightly Service

Great customer service increases revenue and drives great patient relationships. Insightly Service is a ticketing application that includes a convenient patient portal, knowledge management and insights, SLA management and in-depth analytics.

Give your healthcare organization an edge

Streamline business processes

Align your teams and processes around a single source of truth, get rid of silos and time-wasting activities, and close deals faster. Customize views and workflows based on your unique business needs and user preferences, securely connect all your tools, and create custom real-time data dashboards.

Accelerate Growth

  • Collaborate across the organization with centralized customer data
  • Grow your business faster with lead management and automated workflows
  • Drive greater ROI with tailored opportunity and pipeline management

Build Patient Relationships

  • Understand complex organizational relationships with flexible record linking
  • Track frequency of interactions by linking emails, proposals and every interaction back to organizations and contacts
  • Increase sales velocity with a holistic view of what the patient wants and needs

Track key metrics

  • Create graphical data visualizations to reveal insights and monitor progress towards your goals
  • Share data across teams in easily digestible formats so your teams are all on the same page

Integrate with all the apps your healthcare org uses

You’ve got apps for accounting, HR, communication, and more. Insightly AppConnect keeps everything integrated.

AppConnect puts Insightly CRM at the center of your health care business.

With AppConnect there’s no need to copy and paste data between apps, upload CSVs, or to write complex code—all of your apps are just…connected.

With just a couple of clicks your business data transfers between apps automatically making it a breeze to run repetitive business tasks.

Insightly can connect to hundreds of the apps you use every day like accounting systems, ERP systems, HR systems, Helpdesk and IT systems, databases, calendars, and collaboration and chat tools. There are more than 500 different app connectors in AppConnect ready to go today and new ones are added every week.

Build automated workflows with 1200+ integrated apps

Privacy and compliance

We use Insightly to run Insightly, so we make sure your data is as secure and safe as our own. We work with customers every day to make sure that their data security requirements are met and exceeded.

  • Independently assessed for compliance to SOC 2 Type II
  • Single-sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols
  • Support for two-factor authentication
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • EU/US Privacy Shield and GDPR Compliance

Give your healthcare organization an edge

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Best Healthcare CRM: Enhance Patient Experiences with Insightly

A healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) system is an essential tool for providing quality service, storing information, and building relationships with your patients. All healthcare companies can benefit from adopting a CRM as it streamlines internal processes and leads to better patient outcomes. In this post, we will explain how you can benefit from a healthcare CRM, why you need HIPAA-compliant CRM software, and why Insightly is the best platform for your business.

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Why your healthcare business needs a CRM

Healthcare, like many industries, is built on daily interactions with customers. Providers must build strong relationships with patients if they seek to stay in business. As the number of available providers continues to increase, it is easier than ever for customers to shop around and find a new healthcare provider. The key to creating meaningful relationships that retain patients for the long term is to truly understand their needs.

Healthcare organizations looking to manage their customer relationships using a disparate set of tools or multiple spreadsheets cannot gather the insights needed to create great experiences. Instead, it takes a comprehensive solution for storing and accessing all your customer data. With a healthcare CRM, you can keep track of all your patient details from one platform. You get a complete view of each individual, and there is no need for your team to hop between platforms to manage patient information.

Additionally, in the healthcare industry, it is vital that you protect all patient data and meet the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) regulations. When engaging with patients through digital channels, you also need to collect and store data in a way that is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards. The right CRM software is both HIPPA and GDPR compliant, allowing it to serve as a central repository for storing and managing your sensitive data.

How you can use a healthcare CRM to improve customer relationships

Let’s examine some specific ways a CRM system can help your healthcare practice.

Better understand your patients’ needs
Providing great customer service requires you to deeply understand your patients’ needs. Healthcare CRM software collects data from every interaction across a variety of touch points and ensures this information is always available and up to date. Housing all this data in a single platform gives you a clear picture of each patient’s journey. You can use this information to know your patients’ greatest needs to provide better service.

More accurate record-keeping
Keeping complete and accurate records is challenging when your practice serves many patients. A study from Surescripts found that over 50% of medical patients have had experiences where their medical history is incomplete or missing when visiting a healthcare provider. This includes not having insurance information on file, not knowing existing medical conditions, and missing personal information among others.

Understandably, poor record-keeping can have a detrimental impact on your customer experiences. It also bogs down your business as you then need to spend your time fixing any issues. CRM systems that offer a corporate plan fix this issue by giving you a centralized repository where you can store customer information. When you use a single tool, everyone knows where to add the information, so it is never misplaced or updated in the wrong system.

Reduce the time it takes to serve patients
Because a healthcare CRM system puts your patients’ details into a single system, it takes far less time for everyone to access vital information like patient medical histories and digital intake forms. A wide range of tasks like appointment reminders (including telehealth appointments), patient interactions, and the transfer of electronic health records can be automated with the right software solution. With less time spent digging for information, your team can focus on getting to know your patients and establishing strong relationships with them.

Key healthcare CRM functionality

As you can see, there are many ways to utilize a CRM to enhance your healthcare business. Because healthcare is such a unique industry, a CRM system must be made with certain qualities if it is to prove effective. Here are some of the key features to look for in a CRM for healthcare companies:

Data management compliance
Protecting your patients’ private data is of utmost importance. Patient privacy is a big part of patient care, and regulatory requirements must be adhered to by your technology provider to protect sensitive health information – including when that data is accessed on a mobile app. Any CRM platform you consider using for your healthcare company must adhere to the latest security standards. Many companies choose to keep sensitive customer information inside their electronic medical records (EMR) system while using the CRM for non-medical data like contact information. However, if you want your CRM to serve as an all-in-one solution, it must be HIPAA compliant.

Workflow automation

Automation features help to save you both time and resources. For your patients, it provides a more consistent and reliable service as the removal of manual processes leads to a reduction in errors. Look for a CRM that lets you use automation to set up tracking and personalized interactions for each customer. For example, you can tag and segment your patients based on medical conditions and then set up an automated communication sequence that matches their particular needs. You want all of these features in a user-friendly interface so the medical professionals in your medical practices will actually use the contact management software.

Reports and analytics
A CRM should give you detailed insights into every aspect of the healthcare services in your healthcare business. You want the ability to create customized dashboards and reports full of rich data and statistics. With this information, you can make real-time, data-driven decisions to create better outcomes for your business. For example, you can know which department drives the patient acquisition and/or the most revenue to make it a focal point of your resources. Or you may notice that patients are less responsive to a certain type of communication and decide to adjust your outreach strategy.

Why Insightly is the best healthcare CRM software

There is no shortage of healthcare CRM software on the market. Insightly stands out among various platforms as a feature-rich, easy-to-use tool designed to serve as an all-in-one solution for managing the relationships in your healthcare business. Let’s look at some of the key qualities that make Insightly the best healthcare CRM.

Unified patient profiles
Insightly unifies every record from your patients’ medical history into comprehensive profiles housed in one central hub. Scheduled appointments, patient notes, and interaction histories are all there for your teams to quickly access so that they can serve patients quicker. These faster, more attentive interactions result in improved patient management and care and, ultimately, a better reputation and more sales for your practice.

Data compliance
Insightly offers GDPR and HIPAA compliant transfer and storage of patient records. Your CRM account is protected through a variety of security features, including data encryption and multi-factor authentication. With this industry-standard security, you can use the platform as a central database that can be integrated across all your touch points.

Patient management and segmentation
The best way to connect with patients is to offer personalized care and attention. Insightly comes with powerful segmentation features for you to differentiate your patient engagement based on their unique medical histories and other personal factors. You can use this to deliver personalized messaging before, during, and after visits to boost patient satisfaction and retain more customers.

A CRM is a powerful tool, but it is not the only solution you’ll use to manage your business. If you want it to serve as an all-in-one platform, it is important for a CRM to work effectively with your others tools. Insightly excels in this regard as it is built to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of the most popular solutions. With AppConnect, you can easily build automated workflows to reduce the need to hop between tools and ensure everything is in sync between platforms.

Grow your healthcare practice with Insightly

A CRM system can prove an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals looking to create better patient experiences. With a platform like Insightly, you can improve your internal business processes while differentiating yourself from the competition by building stronger relationships.

Get started with a free trial of Insightly CRM today or request a personalized demo to see how it can help your healthcare business.