Optimize Your Onboarding Experience

Grow faster with your guided onboarding plan and get the most from Insightly.

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Optimize Your Insightly Experience

Learn more about Guided Onboarding from Insightly’s Luke Via, Vice President of Customer Success.

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100% Obsessed with Your Goals

Guided Implementation

Advice from Insightly experts to guide you through data migration and configuration.

Training and Adoption

Empower your teams to work smarter and get great results through platform mastery.

Best Practices and Consultation

Maximize the value of your investment in Insightly and start growing your business.

A Personalized Plan to Get You to Success Faster

We enable your administrator on platform set up, data input, and customization. We’ll get you started on the platform and show you how to navigate resources to augment training and adoption.

Guided Onboarding price is $1,500.

Ongoing training is available when you add the Premier Support and Success Plan, maximizing adoption to help you meet your business goals.

Insightly’s Guided Onboarding Methodology

Plan and
  • Identify internal experts
  • Meet your Insightly team
  • Define scope, goals, metrics, and a bespoke timeline designed around your unique needs
Design and
  • Create an Insightly structure designed for your business
  • Enable your administrator on configuration
  • Assist in data migration strategy
Training and
  • Train your administrators
  • Create unique training videos designed to help train your users
  • Centralize training resources with your onboarding project plan
Go Live
  • Validate and stress test your implementation
  • Complete user acceptance testing
  • Sign off on your successful implementation
  • Design for future growth, including advanced automations, workflows, and integrations with the rest of your tech stack

Need ongoing support? And faster growth?
Add a Premier Support and Success Plan.

Insightly’s Premier Support and Success Plan delivers the personalized support you need to take your business to the next level. Get access to individualized training sessions and one-on-one technical guidance to help you make the most of your investment in Insightly and achieve your goals.

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Premier Support and Success sold separately. Basic support is included with every Insightly license. Get access to Insightly’s on-demand training, online knowledge resources, webinars, and in-product guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Guided Onboarding Plan?

The Guided Onboarding Plan is designed to help customers implement the applications they purchase and maximize the value of their investment in Insightly.  When customers include the Guided Onboarding Plan with their subscription, upon signing up they are introduced to their Onboarding Specialist (OS). Onboarding Specialists work alongside customers for the initial period of their subscription to help them complete the initial configuration of core functionality on the platform, such as creating custom fields, customizing layouts, building workflows and migrating data.  The Guided Onboarding Plan includes implementation guidance and support for Insightly CRM, Insightly Marketing, and Insightly Service.  This is a one-time cost of $1,500 applied when a product or multiple products are purchased.

What is the Premier Support and Success Plan?

The Premier Support and Success Plan aligns customers with an account service team to provide resources designed to optimize platform usage, drive continued user adoption, and align technical support.  Customers work with Insightly experts in customer success and technical account management to focus on and achieve their strategic goals.

Do customers need to purchase both Guided Onboarding and Premier Support and Success?

We recommend that customers purchase both Guided Onboarding and Premier Support and Success. Why? Because, no matter the industry, up to 50-70% of all CRM implementations fail because of lack of alignment, adoption, and communication. Conversely, companies that are aligned and and driving great customer experiences drive 2.5x more revenue than companies that are slow to align, share data, and communicate. The Guided Onboarding Plan is required for customers who are subscribed to the Premier Support and Success Plan. This ensures that accounts with a dedicated CSM have been properly onboarded to Insightly and are positioned correctly to work on goal attainment, account optimization, and user adoption.

Does Insightly offer Guided Onboarding for all products?

Yes, Insightly offers Guided Onboarding designed around your unique needs for CRM, Insightly Marketing, and Insightly Service.

How long does the Guided Onboarding process take?

This is dependent upon the scope of your implementation and the amount of time you can devote to implementation. On average, most companies complete CRM implementation in 6-8 weeks.

Who is responsible for implementing my instance with Guided Onboarding?

Guided Onboarding is a collaborative effort. We will take your use cases and train and implement them live with you on a series of pre-determined calls. Once we’ve trained you on a subject you will configure any outstanding objectives that weren’t completed on the call and then we will validate your work.

Get the most from Insightly with Guided Onboarding