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How to Convert “Doers” into Sellers in the Sales Process

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7 Strategic Business Questions to Ask Yourself in Q1
Don’t blink…February is already here. February can sometimes serve as a hard dose of reality. This year was finally going to be the year you realized all those ambitious resolutions. Unfortunately, with January being a month filled full of budgeting, accounting, and other year-end obligations, you probably haven’t had a spare moment to think strategically. ... Read More
2 Models of freelance consulting (and how to plan for each)
Are you part of the 36 percent of the U.S. workforce currently engaged in freelance consulting? I am, and I’ve been doing so for the greater part of a decade. Consulting offers a number of benefits: flexible work schedules, the freedom to chart your own course, and the opportunity to meet a ton of interesting ... Read More
Insightly CRM Meets Artificial Intelligence
Let’s start with the numbers and the major problem we face as sales people… or practically anyone who schedules lots of meetings. Sales people spent 20% of their time doing CRM, administrative, and report related tasks in 2015, according to the report State of Sales Productivity. Of that 20%, we can imagine much of that ... Read More
5 SaaS Lead Generation Secrets You Should Try in 2018
The ultimate goal of the SaaS product marketing is lead generation. The overall success of your marketing campaign whether you are making changes to a website, creating a next piece of content or running Facebook ads will be judged by a number of emails these activities deliver. In the long run, the question you should ... Read More
Measuring the True Cost of New Consulting Clients
“Yes, let’s move forward with your proposal.” For consultants (like me!), few sentences are sweeter to the ear than this one. In addition to boosting next year’s revenue forecast, new clients help you hedge against uncertainty. After all, you never know when an existing client will decide to unexpectedly change course. As great as new ... Read More
4 CRM Resolutions for the New Year
The New Year brings with it a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Will this be the year you land that record-setting contract? Does expansion into adjacent markets represent a growth opportunity for your company? Will that “pet project” you’ve been toying with for years finally become a reality? Business owners across the globe are ... Read More