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What is customer success?

Learn about the foundation & evolution of customer success

Best Practices

5 Ways To Improve Customer Focus

Examine your products/services from the customer’s viewpoint. Take a few steps on your own

Service & Support

5 essential customer engagement metrics and KPIs

Which user engagement metrics matter most for your business? Learn which KPIs you'll need

Best Practices

The CRM process is flawed. Here is why.

Find out how to gain more insights and deliver better experiences with a unified


5 key CRM integrations in 2021

Let's explore why you need CRM integrations & which ones are this year's must-haves.

Business & tech

Reconnecting with customers in a post-pandemic world

How to reset your strategy when it comes to everyone you depend on.

Business & tech

How voice search is transforming the user interface

A quick look at how voice search and technology is changing the user interface.


What is customer service?

Learn the basics & get tips on providing a stellar customer service.