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7 Things Consultants Would Rather Do than Work on Taxes

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How to Convert “Doers” into Sellers in the Sales Process
Each new customer represents a world of upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Unfortunately, for some companies, the sales process halts within moments of a deal converting into an account. Although there are many possible explanations for this issue, a common cause stems from the divide between sales and frontline operations. In this post, we’ll explore a ... Read More
Business Takeaways from Last Year’s Bracket
As college basketball season draws ever closer to its culminating event, offices around the country are beginning to buzz with bracket fever. Who will be this year’s Cinderella story? Which #2 seed will be upset by a #15? And, perhaps most importantly, whose bracket will reign supreme? At your office, this time of year is ... Read More
The Nominees Are In
“This year’s award for best regional sales manager goes to…” It’s safe to say that these words have never been spoken at any red-carpet event in the history of Hollywood. And, perhaps rightfully so. The general population could care less about your company’s sales revenue or top-performing contributors. (Their loss, right?) Despite the public’s lack ... Read More
Top CRM Trends
2017 was a big year for the CRM world, we saw the rise of chatbots, and customer data enriched with social media feeds but what are this year’s top CRM trends? 2018 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for CRM users, with talks of AI helpers, unified omnichannel customer service supports, and ... Read More
7 Strategic Business Questions to Ask Yourself in Q1
Don’t blink…February is already here. February can sometimes serve as a hard dose of reality. This year was finally going to be the year you realized all those ambitious resolutions. Unfortunately, with January being a month filled full of budgeting, accounting, and other year-end obligations, you probably haven’t had a spare moment to think strategically. ... Read More
2 Models of freelance consulting (and how to plan for each)
Are you part of the 36 percent of the U.S. workforce currently engaged in freelance consulting? I am, and I’ve been doing so for the greater part of a decade. Consulting offers a number of benefits: flexible work schedules, the freedom to chart your own course, and the opportunity to meet a ton of interesting ... Read More