Revenue targets, leads, opp generation, opps to close ratios, hiring plans, tech stack…the pressure is endless.

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Closing Time features short, to-the-point videos that are actionable to help you in both your daily work and your strategic planning.

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What is Closing Time?

Watch, Learn, & Grow with Closing Time 


Closing Time is a weekly video series for go-to-market leaders.

Why should I watch?

You'll get actionable insights intended to help go-to-market leaders in their daily work and strategic planning.

Who are the guests?

Insightly will be joined by an industry leader on a weekly basis to discuss a variety of topics ranging from revenue targets - to tech stacks - to hiring tips.

When do episodes come out?

New episodes drop every week so there is always something new to watch and learn.

Where can I watch?

Subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss an episode. 

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Meet luminaries in the sales, marketing, and customer success fields. Get actionable insights in each episode. Watch when and where it's convenient for you. 

That's Closing Time. 


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