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Insurance company automates prospect scoring and outreach workflow with Insightly

Insightly makes it easier for Fleury Risk Management to track and engage each relationship throughout the buyer journey

Fleury Risk Management (FRM) provides workers’ compensation insurance solutions for schools and public entities in the State of New York. FRM’s team of workers’ compensation insurance specialists guide employers through the state’s complex regulatory system with the goal of improving safety and controlling premiums.

Seeking to maximize the impact of its Insightly subscription, FRM decided to upgrade to the Insightly Professional plan and added Insightly Marketing, Insightly’s new marketing automation app. “Insightly was our database of customer and agent broker contact information,” said John Fleury, President of Fleury Risk Management. “We decided to upgrade so that we could increase customer engagement and prospect outreach.”


Fleury Risk Management needed a single source of truth to align and scale its sales and marketing activities.


Customizable dashboards, G Suite integration, native project management, prospect scoring, and Insightly Marketing provided a unified platform for all of Fleury Risk Management’s needs.


With Insightly, Fleury Risk Management has built a highly scalable prospect scoring and lead conversion process that delivers more pipeline for less effort.

John Fleury President, Fleury Risk Management

Pipeline transparency

Upgrading to Insightly Pro made it possible for FRM to build and share customizable business intelligence dashboards, a feature that delivered much-needed transparency into the sal

The level of service that we receive from Insightly is uncommon in this day and age, and we appreciate it.

es pipeline. “Dashboards keep users informed about the status of each deal,” Fleury said. “We’re able to visualize new business written, opportunities still in the pipeline, and the value of each pipeline stage.”

Migrating all opportunity data into Insightly eliminated data silos and provided a holistic view of the FRM’s sales pipeline. “In the past, we tracked new business opportunities in a separate platform,” Fleury said. “Now we track everything in Insightly.”

Sales and marketing, on a single database

Insightly Marketing aligns FRM’s sales and marketing teams to ensure a seamless buyer journey from prospect through satisfied customer. “Previously, we were using Mailchimp to send customer and prospect communications, which relied on multiple databases and integrations,” Fleury said. “Insightly Marketing solves this problem while also delivering fresher email templates, improved campaign performance, and elevated levels of ROI.”

By leveraging the intuitive journey builder in Insightly Marketing, FRM has built activity-based rules to automatically identify marketing qualified leads. “Insightly uses real activity data, such as opens and clicks, to estimate prospect engagement,” Fleury said. “Once a prospect reaches a certain engagement level, he or she is flagged for immediate follow-up while they’re still hot.”

Data-driven outreach, powered by Insightly Marketing, has translated into better opportunities for a fraction of the effort. “When a new lead automatically appears in Insightly CRM, you know that it’s someone who is very interested,” Fleury said.

Disposing of leads is also easier with Insightly. “Scores are negated as people stop engaging with our communication,” Fleury said. “Insightly will even delete records for us, which keeps our database clean.”

Integrated efficiency

Insightly for G Suite accelerated operational efficiency by reducing unnecessary administrative work. “I live and die by being efficient as possible,” Fleury said. “We’re trying to work smarter and not harder, and Insightly for G Suite helps us achieve that goal.”

Case in point, FRM is in the process of linking each lead and customer record to relevant files in Google Drive. “We no longer have to log into four different systems to access information,” Fleury said. “And we spend less time emailing attachments because everything is already right there in Insightly.”

Insightly’s built-in project management functionality is transforming FRM’s project budgeting process. “Now we’re able to allocate the cost of our work by contract, which is huge for us,” Fleury said.

Top-notch support

Personalized support from Insightly’s customer success team helps FRM make the most of its Insightly subscription. “The team at Insightly regularly checks to see how we’re doing,” Fleury said. “The level of service that we receive from Insightly is uncommon in this day and age, and we appreciate it.”

Built for growth

Using Insightly to increase engagement with prospective and existing customers is a key element of FRM’s future growth plans. “We’re diversifying into some new programs, and we’re always trying to keep customers informed to ensure they have a positive experience,” Fleury said. “Uniting all of our sales and marketing data and activity into Insightly makes it easier to achieve both objectives.”

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