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Tech agency unlocks high-growth Asian markets for the world’s largest brands

Insightly helps IT Consultis increase year-over-year revenue

IT Consultis empowers the most ambitious brands on their digital transformation in China and across other Asian markets. With a team of 80 experts in three countries. ITC leverages Martech, e-commerce, and omnichannel solutions to maximize client’s ROI.

Seeking to become Asia’s top tech agency by 2020, IT Consultis needed a more scalable sales management workflow. “We operate in a high-growth market and obtain many leads from events, partner referrals, and social media outreach,” said Adrien Boué, General Manager, Singapore at IT Consultis. “Relying on spreadsheets and handwritten notes was not a long-term solution for growth.”


IT Consultis needed an intuitive, flexible, and fully integrated CRM that could keep pace with the company’s ambitious sales goals.


Insightly’s easy-to-use and configure interface, paired with enterprise-grade integrations offered the right mix of features for IT Consultis’ sales team.


By implementing Insightly, IT Consultis has developed a predictable, repeatable sales process that has yielded substantial revenue growth.

Adrien Boué General Manager

User-friendly interface

Having used several CRMs throughout his sales career, Boué began studying the market to identify the best fit for IT Consultis. “Salesforce CRM is a sophisticated tool, but it was

We’ve experienced significant year-over-year revenue growth by implementing Insightly along with a new sales methodology.

more than what we needed,” Boué said. “We wanted a system that is highly intuitive and built for the specific needs of midsize companies.”

After a thorough review of competing solutions, Insightly’s easy-to-use interface stood out as the clear choice. “Insightly is very, very intuitive,” Boué said. “It offers the perfect blend of features and usability.”

Out-of-the-box integrations

Insightly’s integration with Gmail accelerated time to value for IT Consultis. “Gmail integration was a major reason why we chose Insightly,” Boué said. “Configuring the integration was quite easy, and it has already saved our team countless hours of manual data entry.”

Other out-of-the-box integrations, including Xero and Zapier, elevate productivity and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Case in point, IT Consultis uses Zapier to streamline and standardize internal lead collection. “Account managers and project managers occasionally identify new leads, but they don’t have full access to Insightly,” Boué said. “We’ve built a Google Form that collects the data and automatically creates a lead record in the app.”

Adaptable to any sales playbook

Custom fields and page layouts allowed IT Consultis to adapt Insightly’s look and feel to the unique aspects of its sales methodology. “We recently adopted a new sales playbook,” Boué said. “Insightly was a massive help for implementing our point-based system, which enables us to focus on activities with bigger payoffs.”

The marriage of a flexible CRM and new sales methodology has produced measurable results for IT Consultis. “Insightly makes us more proactive, which has translated into revenue growth,” Boué said. “We’re growing steadily, and we believe this growth will continue into the future.”

Cleaner data, clearer vision

IT Consultis uses lead records in Insightly to maintain the cleanliness of its contact database. “New relationships start out as leads in Insightly,” Boué said. “Only leads that make good business sense are converted to contacts, which prevents our database from becoming messy.”

Clean data magnifies the usefulness of business intelligence dashboards. “Dashboards offer real-time insight into our relationship data and serve as an excellent motivator for our sales staff,” Boué said.

Scalable process

Moving forward, Insightly will continue to play an important role in IT Consultis’ growth. “We plan to significantly increase the number of sales staff,” Boué said. “Insightly partners with us as we build systematic processes that can scale up as our team continues to grow.”

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