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Nonprofit inspires a new generation of Canadian coders

Insightly makes it easier for Kids Code Jeunesse to track sponsors, constituents, and events.

Kids Code Jeunesse is a Canadian nonprofit organization that teaches children how to code. Seeking to help every child gain access to digital skills education, Kids Code Jeunesse offers a variety of free and low-cost coding events, training sessions, clubs, and camps. Since its founding in 2013, the organization has inspired and empowered more than 150,000 youth and 6,000 educators.

Having experienced an eightfold increase in grant funding during 2018, Kids Code Jeunesse needed a scalable and consistent way to manage sponsorship, event, and relationship data across a rapidly expanding geographic footprint. “We had Salesforce CRM, but it was very difficult to use and customize,” said Ross Hodess, Lead Coordinator for Code Club Canada and Data Analyst at Kids Code Jeunesse. “As a result, many team members tracked their data in spreadsheets, which wasn’t a scalable solution.”


Kids Code Jeunesse needed an intuitive, budget-friendly CRM that offered enterprise-grade integrations for maximum scalability.


Insightly’s robust integrations, affordable monthly pricing, and customizability aligned with Kids Code Jeunesse’s data management needs.


By implementing Insightly, Kids Code Jeunesse has experienced a renewed sense of accountability and collaboration among staff, making it easier to serve constituents and capitalize on sponsorship opportunities.

Ross Hodess Head Of Data Management And Lead Community Developer

Limitless integration possibilities

Before finalizing its decision, the team at Kids Code Jeunesse compared Insightly to several other CRM providers. “Some CRMs charge a monthly per-workflow fee, while others fail to

Insightly gives us more control over our data and allows us to deploy as many workflows, integrations, and triggers as we want.

offer robust APIs or out-of-the-box integrations,” Hodess said. “With Insightly and Zapier, I built all of the workflows that we needed in about thirty minutes – without incurring extra costs.”

G Suite integration simplified data collection and document management. “New leads are collected through Google Forms, which triggers an API and creates a lead in Insightly,” Hodess said. “We also leverage Insightly’s G Suite integration to expedite our quoting and document generation processes.”

From camps to conferences, events are key to helping Kids Code Jeunesse’s continued growth.   That’s why Insightly’s Eventbrite integration, via Zapier, is critical for automating event data collection and management.

Centralized tracking platform

Kids Code Jeunesse benefits from greater collaboration with the customer by using Insightly to share and track data across teams. Lead pipelines create a predictable, repeatable workflow for engaging potential sponsors and funding partners. “Insightly streamlines our lead prospecting and acquisition,” Hodess said.

Custom objects make it easier to track complex sponsorship initiatives. “Each sponsorship opportunity could potentially be linked to several custom objects in Insightly,” Hodess said. “Custom objects provide a flexible way to manage and track our sponsorship commitments.”

Big plans for the future

Elevating efficiency across every department continues to be a top priority as Kids Code Jeunesse works to make sure every Canadian child has access to digital skills education. “From sales to services to marketing, we’re trying to get every team to use Insightly as its source of truth,” Hodess said. “Integrating Mailchimp, Xero, and other systems will allow users to gain even more value.”

As Ross looks ahead to future goals, he believes Insightly could also help the organization reduce overlapping systems and expenditures. “Integrating Insightly with a payment processor may eliminate the need for a charity platform,” Hodess said.

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