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Accounting firm generates $100K In net ROI with Insightly

Insightly makes it easier for Personal Accountant Inc. to track client engagements and consistently exceed expectations.

Personal Accountant Inc. was founded in 2002 and serves the accounting needs of Oahu. Since its founding, the company has steadily grown and today enjoys one of most impressive client lists on the island.

As Personal Accountant Inc.’s client list surpassed the 1,400 mark, the company found itself struggling just to keep everything organized. “Before Insightly, we didn’t have a cohesive view of our relationship with each customer. Information was spread across multiple systems, spreadsheets, and inboxes, which impacted client satisfaction,” said Lisa Wells, Founder & CEO of Personal Accountant Inc.


After struggling to manage its growing client base during the 2016 tax season, the company needed to evolve its systems or begin turning away new customers.


Insightly helped PA Inc. delight more customers by serving as a centralized hub of client information, correspondence, projects, and tasks.


The 2017 tax season was a huge win. The entire team helped more customers in less time, netting $100,000 in additional income.

Lisa Wells Founder & CEO

Scalable client management

Seeking a more scalable approach to client management, the team decided to try Insightly CRM. Within two hours of signing up, all of Personal Accountant Inc.’s clients had been ded

Tax season is more productive with Insightly, resulting in 25% fewer filing extensions and $100,000 in immediate bottom-line impact.

uplicated and successfully imported into Insightly. By the following week, the company was fully functional with Insightly.

“Gmail synchronization was a major reason why we chose Insightly,” Wells said. “Insightly saves copies of correspondence to each contact record, delivering a view of the customer that transcends departmental silos.” The company also utilizes Insightly’s integration to the Dropbox file sharing system. This integration offers a one-click point of access to vital customer documentation, such as receipts and tax filings.

From spreadsheets to streamlined project management

Streamlined project management has also been a key benefit of using Insightly. “We’ve transitioned off of spreadsheets and moved everything to Insightly,” Wells said. “Project pipelines provide real-time insights and ensure everything goes smoothly for our clients.” Things have gone so smoothly, in fact, that the company filed 150 fewer extensions during the most recent tax season.

Choosing a CRM for finance and a creating a CRM for strategy for finance businesses has had a quick impact.

Now an outspoken advocate for the software, Ms. Wells takes every opportunity to share her company’s success with Insightly. “If you’re looking for a tool to manage your clients, team, and yourself, Insightly is the right tool for you,” Wells said. At Insightly, we’re happy to play a role in the company’s ongoing success.

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