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Brand management firm expands into SaaS market

Insightly makes it easier for proquoai to deliver innovative brand management technology.

proquoai, formerly TransgressiveX, is a leading brand management company. Based in London, proquoai leverages a proprietary blend of social science, neuroscience, and technology to deliver data-driven brand guidance. Since the company’s founding in 2012, proquoai has made hundreds of global clients more successful by helping them understand consumer interactions, motivations, and perspectives.

To ensure a successful launch of its innovative brand management software as a service platform, proquoai began evaluating CRM solution providers. “Client information was still tracked in spreadsheets,” said Simon Dutka, Director of IT at proquoai. “We knew that it was time to consolidate everything.”


proquoai  needed a powerful CRM that’s built for midsize companies without the hefty price tag to deliver a wonderful experience to their platform subscribers.


Microsoft Office 365 integration, customizable fields and pipelines, and a robust API made Insightly the perfect CRM for proquoai.


By implementing Insightly, the team at proquoai is more efficient, effective, and better equipped to serve a rapidly growing subscriber base for their new platform.

Simon Dutka Director Of IT

Feature & budget alignment

proquoai considered several other CRMs but was attracted to Insightly’s mix of features and affordability. “Salesforce CRM is the only competitor to Insightly when it co

Insightly does everything we need it to do and gives us a single source of truth—for half the price of Salesforce CRM.

mes to features,” Dutka said. “However, for a midsize company like proquoᵃ ͥ, Salesforce CRM is prohibitively expensive at scale.” When Simon did a quarterly projection of IT spend, Insightly matched Salesforce on features but at half the price.

Pipeline flexibility & transparency

Easily customizable pipelines and records expedited onboarding and accelerated time to value. “Being able to define our own sales stages is key,” Dutka said. “Our CMO was really happy to find Insightly adapts to our processes which reduces unnecessary training and confusion clearly showing the sales pipeline at every stage.”

Business intelligence dashboards provide key insights that are leveraged during weekly sales meetings. “Insightly makes our sales data more actionable by presenting it as interactive charts and graphs.  It’s great to have a visual sales funnel with clearly defined steps along the way that take a lead through highly configurable options making the tool quite revolutionary.,” Dutka said.

Best-in-class support

Insightly’s customer success team has played an important role in proquoai’s CRM success story, from onboarding to ongoing support.

“Customer success was excellent at onboarding us. They worked with me to ensure everyone including our CEO had the best experience possible,” Dutka said. “The training took us from the basics to how to leverage the advanced features and support is always timely in answering our ad hoc questions across time zones.”

Out-of-the-box integrations

proquoai were able to make Insightly work for their sales processes immediately, allowing them to break away from cumbersome spreadsheets. “Integration with Microsoft Office 365 is tremendously handy,” Dutka said. “The integration frees up more time for lead outreach and opportunity follow-up by eliminating manual data entry.”

They chose Insightly for its flexibility and were happy to find the depth of the APIs went further than they originally thought creating an exciting integration opportunity for proquoai. “We plan to leverage the Insightly API for integrating our SaaS platform,” Dutka said. “Integrating to Insightly will prevent multiple sources of truth from forming and allow us to serve more customers at scale.”

Elevating efficiency through automation

Looking ahead, proquoai will use Insightly to further automate customer interactions. “Integrating to our platform will help us keep customers engaged,” Dutka said. “For example, we’ll be able to automatically send follow-up emails to customers who have not recently logged in.”

proquoai is also exploring new value-added integrations for Insightly. “Insightly’s ecosystem of integration partners will be a starting point for future software decisions,” Dutka said.

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