7 ways to maximize your booth ROI

Plan, promote, and execute with these tips

Tips for getting the most from your live events

Get back in the groove of live events and ensure event ROI with this webinar. Events Expert Lee Hacohen talks through pre-, at-, and post-event strategies. He covers tactics such as sourcing leads through the conference app, researching your fellow exhibitors as lead sources, and ideas for attention-getting booth activities.

Is your sales team prepared to get back into the swing of live events? Experts anticipate that trade shows will return to near pre-pandemic levels by Q4 2022. It’s likely that you’ll have some first-timers attending events. But even if you’ve got seasoned pros on the live events scene, there is a lot to catch up on.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What Sales/Marketing can do pre-event to ensure they secure the right meetings on-site and at the booth
  • Effective on-site strategies to maximize booth engagement
  • The right way to engage live traffic with pandemic concerns in mind.

Working a booth is like riding a bike…but it’s been a while for most of us, right? Get a refresher in this webinar.



Event marketing expert Lee Hacohen joins Insightly’s Valerie Riley to discuss these tips:

  1. Develop pre-event target list based on speakers, sponsors and those with booths.
  2. Plan you pre-event campaign to secure booth demos/meetings & Invites to co-sponsored cocktail and/or dinner event on-site/nearby.
  3. Plan an engaging/interactive booth experience that generates energy/attention (spin & win, cash grabbing booth, well regarded author signing relevant books).
  4. Have a mix of personas at the booth & sponsored speaker sessions (especially during high traffic periods).
  5. Use technology offered to scan badges and more importantly
    grab pertinent info from conversations for effective follow-up.
  6. Have your CRM mobile app open and at the ready to get a quick snapshot of the status of any conversations or booked business in process.
  7. Take action on immediate follow-up for those that were connected with and campaign to those you missed and ensure the event campaign code is present for ROI Attribution.