Increase sales velocity with quicker quotes

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Your product line may be simple, or it may be complex. Some things that make for added complexity are selling in different currencies, or having pricing for wholesale business versus your retail business. You may have certain products that you sell to certain customers and others that you do not. Further, you’ll want to produce quotes easily and quickly when someone asks for pricing and be able to accommodate discounts when appropriate.

Some CRMs can’t handle this functionality. Others will make you add on an application (for a fee) and/or change you for an integration.

Great news! That’s not the case with Insightly CRM. You get all of this functionality built in to the enterprise plan level of Insightly CRM. So as your business grows and you have added complexity, Insightly grows right along with you.

Products, price books, and quotes are easy to overlook as you configure your CRM, but they’re mission-critical to the operation. Configuring them doesn’t take a long time, and once you’re done, you’ll benefit from this feature on every single deal. Learn how to drive revenue and conversion with streamlined price books that enable you to add the right product to the right opportunity at the right price, and finish with a custom quote sent to your customer with one click.

Watch this webinar to learn all about this feature in Insightly and how you can set it up to make selling a breeze!

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