If switching CRMs in on your mind, this is the guide for you. You’ll get information on how to select the best CRM for your needs, and steps to take to enable a successful switch. Plus, you’ll learn how to measure ROI and adoption of your new system.

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Before signing up, you were promised the moon with your CRM. Frankly, now you’d be happy if you could achieve liftoff. The software is clearly robust enough for your company’s needs, as evidenced by the CRM’s millions of other users. Problem is, it’s just too complicated. Simply importing your contacts and linking records took months of effort, not to mention the thousands of dollars you spent with “certified” consultants. And, despite providing countless hours of training, you know end users are still struggling to adopt the system.

To make matters worse, your CRM isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s really, really expensive. When you factor in the base subscription costs, add-on modules, consultant time, user training, and in-house IT support costs, you’re far from a break-even proposition. That’s annoying, especially when you consider CRM technology should be a catalyst for increasing sales, decreasing costs, and driving profitability.

Switching to a new CRM is certainly an option. But, what about the costs you’ve sunk into your current system? If you switched, would you essentially be setting this investment on fire? Are there any alternative CRMs that could meet your needs? Or, are they all basically the same?

Here’s the good news: You’re not the first person to ask questions like these. This eBook seeks to answer your questions and provide a game plan for switching CRMs. Get your copy now!

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