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QuickBooks Online

With our QuickBooks Online integration, users can view any customer payment status and history within Insightly via the QuickBooks Online tab. Now, you can eliminate dual data entry, and you have a single operational and financial view of your customers and their account status, invoices and payments.


  • How do I use Insightly with QuickBooks Online?

    Insightly’s QuickBooks Online integration allows you to view records from your accounting program and copy data between the two systems. Insightly administrators with an Intuit login can set up the integration by following the directions at Connecting Insightly to QuickBooks Online. Once the integration is installed from the System Settings > Integrations page, the QuickBooks subtab will appear on each of your main records.

    QuickBooks information can be linked to organizations, contacts, opportunities, and projects.

    Organizations and contacts

    1. Select a contact or organization in Insightly and click the QuickBooks icon.
    2. The system will automatically search through your QuickBooks Online records for a matching organization name for organizations, and contact name or email address for contacts.
    3. If Insightly doesn’t find a match in QuickBooks, type a name in the search box and click Search.
    4. When a match is found, click the Add Link button to link the record and show the available information in Insightly.

      QBOO Contact subtab search
    5. Insightly will display an overview from QuickBooks, including contact information and a financial summary. You can copy basic information (addresses, phone/fax numbers, email addresses, and website addresses) from one system to the other by clicking the Actions menu. If you’ve selected the wrong QuickBooks record, you can also select Unlink From QuickBooks to remove the information from Insightly.

      QBO Contact Actions menu
    6. Below the overview, Insightly will list estimates, invoices, and payments. Select an option from the Show list to filter the displayed items.

      QBO Contact Show menu
    7. If you have an Intuit login and want to see the details of a transaction or modify it, click the View button to log in to QuickBooks Online and access the record.

      QBO View button

    Opportunities and projects

    Opportunities and projects will display invoices, payments, and estimates that you have directly or indirectly linked to the record. Direct links are items that you have searched and selected from QuickBooks Online, and indirect Insightly Links are items related to the contacts and organizations that the current record is linked to.

    Linking QuickBooks records directly

    Since opportunities and projects do not include contact information, you can link specific QuickBooks records based on Invoice Date, Payment Date, Estimate Date, or document numbers.

    1. Select the Invoice Actions, Payment Actions, or Estimate Actions menu, then choose the Find option.

      Opportunity QBO actions
    2. Enter a document number and/or a date range to view a list of matching items from QuickBooks and click the Find… link.

      QBO Opportunity Find
    3. Click the Link button to create a link between the QuickBooks item and the current record. Click the View button to open QuickBooks Online and view the document.

      QBO Opportunity link select
    4. The item with a direct link will now appear with an Un-Link button on the right.

      QBO Opportunity direct links

    Insightly Links

    When you select the QuickBooks icon in opportunities or projects, Insightly will check the organizations and contacts that are linked to the current record and display all QuickBooks items linked to those records. These will be noted with the Insightly Link label.

    QBO Opportunity Insightly links 2
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