• Education software provider DynEd helps 25M students learn the language of global commerce via neuroscience software
  • Self-publishing company BookFuel Publishing helps authors achieve their dreams in $1B industry
  • Travel management company Campbell Travel migrates from Salesforce, uses Insightly’s workflow automation to optimize processes and engage more clients


SAN FRANCISCO—July 19, 2018Insightly, the CRM for building lifelong customer relationships, today announced the results which multiple customers have achieved using its project delivery and customer relationship platform capabilities. Modern enterprises operate in a competitive market that places a premium on relationships and the successful delivery of projects. Serving more than 30,000 customers, Insightly possesses deep experience helping businesses successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by today’s heightened customer expectations.

25M Students Learn The Language Of Global Commerce Via Neuroscience Software

English is the most common language used in international trade, but experts believe that more than 85 percent of the world is unable to communicate in the predominant language of global commerce. DynEd International has helped more than 25 million students in 75 countries learn English using their neuroscience-backed English-language learning platform via a combination of artificial intelligence and real tutors.

DynEd’s account managers negotiate with educational institutions and businesses in every corner of the globe, so keeping everything organized is very important. Because of the project-driven nature of its business, DynEd needed a CRM with integrated project delivery that would allow a smooth handoff from closing a deal to ensuring customer success post-sale. Because Insightly has both sales and project delivery features in the same application, DynEd can expedite the hand-off between teams and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

“Insightly serves as our customer relationship platform. With the customer’s entire journey tracked in Insightly, our staff can ensure a more personalized experience,” said Edda Cortez, AMEA lead sales administrator, DynEd. “Our customers feel as if we know them, and we’re delivering on promises sooner by closing the gap between sales and onboarding.”

Self-Publishing Company Helps Authors Achieve Their Dreams In $1B Industry

The self-publishing industry is booming. With an annual market size now in excess of $1 billion, authors of all genres are considering self-publication as a viable option. BookFuel simplifies the self-publishing process by offering a full suite of services including editing, eBook creation, cover design, distribution and marketing expertise. BookFuel has helped more than 1,100 books achieve liftoff and shows no sign of slowing down.

With millions of aspiring authors in need of self-publication services, project management was a pain point for the company, so they decided to fully leverage Insightly’s native project delivery functionality. To effectively manage self-publishing’s many moving parts, BookFuel has invested substantial time and energy in putting Insightly’s task automation to optimal use.

“As opportunities are marked as ‘won,’ we’re immediately converting those records to Insightly projects,” said Jay Johnson, co-founder and chairman, BookFuel Publishing. “This makes it possible for our delivery team to get to work faster and has made a noticeable impact on customer satisfaction. We’re heavily tasked-based, so activity sets are very useful for us. We want team members to always be aware of their next tasks, and Insightly has made it much easier for us to do that.”

Travel Innovator Reaches New Heights In Sales Productivity With Insightly

Since its founding in the 1980s, Campbell Travel has maintained a firm commitment to continuous innovation in the field of corporate and leisure travel. The company offers a unique mix of travel management services and proprietary technology solutions. This blended approach makes it easier for corporate travel departments to manage risk, control costs, enforce policy compliance and create visibility. As pointed out in the organization’s value statement, Campbell Travel believes in using every available tool and technology to improve the customer experience.

After years of using Salesforce, Campbell Travel decided to evaluate a more affordable CRM that offered the powerful customization they needed. Insightly immediately led to a more productive sales management workflow, with reps engaging more clients with less effort. Insightly’s workflow automation reduced administrative overhead and facilitated easier project management. Newly liberated time and budget enabled Campbell Travel to double down on marketing efforts, growing the business in new ways instead of spending hours bogged down by slow workflows.

“Insightly seemed like a much better value compared to other CRMs,” said Robert Lawrence, vice president of sales, Campbell Travel. “I quickly realized that Insightly could do everything we needed from Salesforce—if not more. When a deal is marked as won, everything happens automatically without forms or extra steps. Account managers use it to confirm customer satisfaction. Support agents use it to resolve issues in a timely fashion. Even senior management uses Insightly to track high-level metrics and KPIs.”

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