CRM & Project Management: Made for Each Other

Insightly CRM boasts powerful project management applications, geared for small and growing businesses, as well as departments or divisions in the enterprise. Whether your interest is customizing your workflow or staying on top of daily duties, Insightly easily manages your tasks, your team’s tasks and your commitments to your customers.

With Insightly Projects You can use either Pipelines or Milestones to Stay on Top of It All


A pipeline is a linear series of steps (stages) that can be defined for both projects and for opportunities. Insightly shows a pipeline as a visual aid to indicate progress along a path. If you repeat the same series of steps for different projects or opportunities, you can define a pipeline for those steps to visually track progress.


You can create milestones for each step in the project and specify a target completion date for each milestone. Tasks can be created and associated with each milestone within the project, so you have more granular control of what needs to be done, by whom, and when.

More Features

  • Files and Notes

    Add files and notes to any project so you can keep track of any drawings, documents or videos associated with a project.

  • Custom Fields

    If you have unique information that doesn’t fit into Insightly’s default fields, you can create custom fields for your project. You can create a custom project report that includes any field (including custom fields).

  • Recurring Tasks

    The ability to set a task to recur automatically each week or month, such as regular check ups are done on client accounts.

  • Contact Roles

    Sometimes a contact may serve different roles in different organizations so you can easily capture contact roles along with titles to ensure that you have the most up to date information.

  • Project Reporting

    Need to check on project activity? You can easily view completed tasks and events by timeframe, and by project.

  • Tasks

    Tasks can be created and associated with each milestone within the project, so you have more granular control

Project Management Screenshot
  1. Follow: Follow projects so you get up to date notifications on project updates
  2. About: See all activity on the project
  3. Project Details: Track general project information including status and project owner
  4. Pipeline: Track every stage of the project with a pipeline
  5. Pipeline stage: Easily change pipeline stage as work is completed and milestones are met
  6. Links: Link this project to your customer contact, organization, or opportunity