Leader in CRM Provides Tips to Help Manufacturers Choose the Right Platform 

San Francisco (PR WEB) October 25, 2022 – Today, Insightly, a modern, scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, is sharing important insights into CRM functionality and what matters most for manufacturers when choosing a platform. An Insightly customer survey of manufacturers found that 70 percent saw a positive ROI within one year of using Insightly CRM, and 58 percent reported growth in their win-rate of opportunities. 

“When it comes to the manufacturing industry, a flexible CRM helps in both customer acquisition and retention,” said Chip House, CMO of Insightly. “In addition, manufacturers need the option of customization, work flows, and project management features. Since many of our customers are manufacturers, we are fortunate to have insights and key learnings to be able to share with the industry as a whole.

The Insightly survey also revealed the following: 

  • 28 percent of manufacturers reported spending less than one hour a week on administrative tasks, compared to only 10 percent before adopting the Insightly platform
  • 44 percent of respondents reported having deeper custom insight after implementing Insightly CRM, compared to only 13 percent before Insightly
  • Manufacturing businesses reported 18 percent annual revenue growth as a result of using Insightly CRM 

A manufacturing CRM is an essential tool for managing a business and understanding customers’ needs to provide them with a positive experience. As such, Insightly has found the following functionalities to be the basis for what makes for a high-performing CRM for manufacturing firms:

  • Pipeline Management: A CRM pipeline is a useful tool for building revenue forecasts. Users can see the total opportunity value for each pipeline stage to see exactly how much potential revenue the business has in process. 
  • Project Management: Take a won opportunity and convert it into a project that is managed right in the CRM. All account information from the opportunity is carried through to the project.
  • Backoffice Integrations: Manufacturers rely on accounting, inventory, and ERP systems to help them manage inventory and distribution. They need a CRM that integrates with these systems, providing seamless customer experiences.

Additionally, CRM features like Customization and Reporting & Analytics can help manufacturing firms guide decision making and forecasting. 

“Prior to Insightly, we were basically using glorified spreadsheets,” said Joana Falcone, VP of System and Process Development at Better Earth Solar. “Insightly has changed the game. Since we adopted Insightly, we were able to triple our revenue without tripling the size of our team.”

“Manufacturers are feeling the squeeze right now with rising fuel and labor costs coupled with supply chain issues, so they need an affordable CRM that is powerful enough for their unique needs.” House said. “Gaining efficiencies through a CRM can make a monumental difference when it comes to creating efficiencies and business growth.”  

For manufacturers who are looking for a CRM platform, Insightly will offer a live platform demonstration on Thursday, November 3 at 12 noon ET. The virtual event will feature more about the research study, a live demo of features used by manufacturers, and guests from the manufacturing industry will share their experiences with the platform. 

To learn more about Insightly’s CRM solutions, visit https://www.insightly.com/.

About Insightly 

Insightly is a modern, flexible, and scalable CRM that teams love to use. Built to deliver key customer insights across all teams, Insightly’s unified CRM helps organizations sell smarter, grow faster, and build lasting customer relationships. Insightly is trusted by more than a million users worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.insightly.com.




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