Manufacturers are feeling the squeeze. Margins are shrinking as labor, raw materials, and fuel costs skyrocket. Organizing your business in one platform is a way to gain efficiency. That one platform should be Insightly, the best CRM for manufacturing. But don’t take our word for it.

A recent survey of manufacturers shows the return that businesses just like yours are getting from Insightly. Best of all, it doesn’t take years to see it. Some see a healthy return on their CRM investment in as soon as three months. You can read the full research report, but this infographic gives you the highlights in an easy-to-absorb format. More than 100 customers were surveyed to get this key data that will give you insights into how manufacturers are tackling these tough issues and still growing their businesses.

View this infographic so you can jump right to the data and see what firms like yours are saying about their results from Insightly CRM. Hot takes include: 18% report revenue growth directly resulting from Insightly CRM. 28% spend less than an hour a week on admin. Daily use of Insightly is reported by 77% of customers. 44% say they have gained deeper customer insights. Get your copy!

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How manufacturers use Insightly CRM to grow business

Key findings from the Insightly customer survey.


#1. 77% use Insightly daily. 57% of the survey respondents cites ‘ease of use’ as a reason for choosing Insightly.


#2 28% Spent less than an hour a week on administrative tasks. The percent of users who spent less than 1 hour a week on administrative tasks almost triples after implementing Insightly CRM: 10% before Insightly vs. 28% after Insightly.


#3 44% reported having “deeper” customer insight. Before adopting Insightly CRM only 13% of customers reported that level of insight.


#4. +18% revenue growth. Manufacturing businesses report 18% annual revenue growth as a result of using Insightly CRM.


#5 70% saw positive ROI within the first year of using Insightly CRM. 58% reported growth in opportunity win rate.


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